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In most cases, there are consequences in a high percentage, both physical and psychological. It is part of the task of a good accident lawyer to help you solve everything in the best way.

The moment you contact us, Tovar Hastings Law will offer you comprehensive advice for your specific case and you can count on the services of our lawyers to best resolve this impasse that occurred with an accident in Atlanta.

For the justice system of the United States, particularly that of the State of Georgia, it is very important that there is responsibility when assuming an accident. Whose fault is it? That will be the fundamental question that both the judge and the insurer will ask themselves. It is important to be able to prove that you are innocent, if the accident was not your fault; When it has been due to your negligence, then the accident lawyer will be able to offer you a solid defense so that you can escape as best as possible from any type of legal consequence that the accident in which you were involved may bring. has been involved.

It is notable to note that on the main highways of the State of Georgia, accidents occur every day for different reasons, among which can be listed, roughly: going too fast or too slow, driving recklessly, without noticing signs, ignore stop signs, speed signs or red traffic lights, among many others.

The emergence of cellular technology, has contributed to more and more accidents related to the driver's lack of attention behind the wheel. Chatting or talking on the phone while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents, not only in the State of Georgia, but throughout the United States. It is important to keep in mind all the circumstances that can be argued when making an effective and concise defense before the judge. That is why Tovar Hastings Law offers you a specialized accident law firm every day of the week.

During the holidays and vacation seasons, it is very common for people to be relaxed and carefree and decide to take the wheel after attending a family gathering. That is why drunk driving has become one of the main causes of traffic accidents in Atlanta. The work of a good lawyer has to do with being able to seek legal support for any objection that may call into question the legal integrity of the client. Not every lawyer is trained and knows what the processes are like before the judge, that is why an accident lawyer is important to have on your side, in case you have been involved in an accident, no matter what. its severity.

Also the high speed either failure to yield, on the highways and freeways of the States of the country, is a cause of accidents, often very serious. Crashes against the rear of a vehicle parked in the middle of a highway are another of the main causes of crashes. If there are, for example, cameras that record everything that happens, this could be of great help. But usually this is not the case. That is where the expertise of a good accident lawyer in Atlanta comes into play.

Lawyer Angelica Tovar-Hastings, the first thing she will do is collect evidence to prove the innocence of her client. Demonstrating that the person who defends is not to blame for the commission or cause of the accident will be the main task and objective of the lawyer. Would you risk your head, and possibly your freedom, by hiring an attorney who does not have the knowledge or experience in accidents? It's a very big risk, don't you think?

Although a lawyer who has neither the experience nor the knowledge in these cases, could charge you a much less expensive professional fee, in his opinion, this would represent a serious risk for you, in case, it is also very likely that this is the case, have a life and roots in the State of Georgia and have problems with immigration. We do not want to add one major problem to another.

At Tovar Hastings Law, our team of accident lawyers in Atlanta is able to give you expert advice on issues related to an accident. If you do not have car insurance, our attorneys will be aware of your specific situation to help you. As has been said before, the first step to being able to get away with it is to tell everything to the accident lawyer like Tovar-Hastings Law. Knowing first-hand what has happened and how it happened is the first thing to keep in mind. You must have documents such as identification, work card and insurance, if you have it, on hand. These documents must always be carried, without exception, in the compartment designated for this purpose in your car. Your driver's license It is a document that you cannot leave forgotten under any circumstances anywhere other than your car and always within reach. Remember that in the United States, police officers usually always ask for documents when stopping your car.

The accident attorney will instruct you, if you are contacting the Tovar Hastings Law Firm, to call the police if you have not already done so. This is essential. Next, you must contact an operator at 911 to request an ambulance, and to verify if there are injuries and what type of injuries each person specifically has.

Whether you caused the accident or not, you should try to find out what condition the passengers in the other car are in. You must indicate your real data to them: never lie or try to confuse with false data. Nor should you fight with those you have collided with; Try to take care of what is essential first, that is, that there are no serious injuries, or even deaths. The police will be in charge of issuing a report of the events in the first instance.

Likewise, the accident lawyer will tell you that you should not, under any circumstances, say, imply or declare your guilt. Do not make excuses or assume any type of expression that could be taken as evidence of your guilt, such as:

  • "sorry"
  • "I have made a mistake"
  • “I'm sorry”, etc.

You should be as calm and quiet as possible until you can count on the legal support of a lawyer. Although it is the obligation of the police, you may also collect all the information you consider necessary to reconstruct the accident.

If possible, you can capture quality photographs of the accident, right after the accident occurred. The position of the cars after having collided, the marks on the bodywork and the bumps or impacts on the body can later serve as strong evidence to prove that you were not at fault or are not responsible. It is important that you are able to record what level of damage the other car suffered, as you will then not be able to gain access to it, much less take photographs. Recording additional voice or text notes can help clarify what happened and how. As a result of the blows resulting from the accident, many people may show gaps in their memory, so it is important that you record everything that may be of use to your lawyer.

Having a doctor's opinion, in case you have suffered injuries resulting from the accident, will be of great help. Both to demonstrate the consequences of the impact, and to prevent it from having consequences resulting from the accident. Even if you have not suffered a significant or serious injury, remember that these usually appear not immediately, but a few hours or even days after the accident.

More answers to your questions

Through the lawyer, the claim is filed with the insurer before the company that is in charge of automobile insurance. Although what is truly important is, above all, the way in which the story of the facts is presented, and that in the end, will be what the judge will take into account when issuing a ruling for or against .

The main function of the accident lawyer will be to put in order the story of the facts so that at the time of filing the claim with the insurer, you can benefit from fair compensation that covers all the moral damages and expenses that have arisen as a consequence. of the accident in which he has been involved. Therefore, the advice of a lawyer who knows what he is doing, in addition to having previous experience with similar cases, is important.

It must be clarified that most trials for traffic accidents turn out to be longer than what can be expected. But you need to be patient. Many times the insurance does not cover all the expenses derived from a traffic accident. and victims must cover them at their own expense. This causes embezzlement to occur in the finances of those affected. That is why it is necessary for a good lawyer to do his homework so that the client receives the compensation he deserves and can see his rights as a person satisfied before the court.

Negotiating an agreement

One of the main issues that an accident lawyer in Atlanta must deal with is the presentation of claims and litigation before the State Court. By talking to your attorney, you will be able to know what is best for you, and whether making a claim is the best decision you should make.

In any case, statistics indicate that more than 95% of claims are resolved out of court.

Although this could mean that you receive less compensation according to what the jury imposes in its decision, within a prior agreement to the trial, however, of the costs of the legal dispute before the Court. According to the experience and knowledge of your lawyer, he will be able to negotiate as best as possible to ensure that you obtain a better position when negotiating.

There are two types of claims, namely:

  1. one for property damage and
  2. another for personal injuries.

These are two types of processes different in nature. You yourself can file your property damage claim. Once you have filed such a claim with the insurer of the driver with whom you had the accident, then the insurance company will most likely contact you to be able to take note of your claims, aspirations and estimate the price it will cost. the total repair. Almost always the insurance company pays the mechanic shop directly for the work that needs to be done.

In the case of injury claims, the accident lawyer can help you through the following mechanisms.

Open Insurance Claims

When the insurance company reviews your information and is aware of all the evidence, the accident lawyer in Atlanta will review the insurance clauses in detail to be able to formally open a claim.

Drafting a demand letter

Together with your lawyer, a letter is written for the insurer in which all the details of the accident, as well as the injuries resulting from it, are given. All medical records, bills, photographs and other material that may serve as evidence may be attached.


The insurer may ask you to make a recorded statement: it is necessary that you consult this with your lawyer, who will tell you under what circumstances to do so, if it is pertinent to the process to do so. Insurers can take advantage of the opportunity to use everything you have declared against you. This can put you in legal trouble as you could be charged with perjury or lose compensation money. The accident lawyer in Atlanta may be present and prepare prior to the statement.

Negotiate the agreement

The insurer generally estimates an amount to reach a peaceful settlement, in which it globally considers an amount to cover damages of all kinds, both material and moral, and the consequences of the collision. The accident lawyer in Atlanta is always present until you get a fair value for your compensation.

File suit

If you do not reach a fair agreement with the insurer, our accident lawyers in Atlanta may use the lawsuit resource to take your case to the courts of the State of Georgia.

It is advisable that you have the legal support of your lawyer in Atlanta, since you will have a legal representative who knows what to do at all times. Many people feel very disturbed by the accident and the consequences, as well as the injuries they may have. Emotional disturbance causes ideas to be dispersed and there is no mental clarity to be able to make a coherent judgment without making mistakes before the insurer, much less before the Court of Georgia.

Any mistake that is made can cost a lot of time and money.

You must always be willing to collaborate with whatever the lawyer requires. In any case, given the circumstances of physical convalescence that you may have due to the accident, your lawyer is able to represent you at all times and give statements on your behalf. This is of great importance, since some accident lawyers, who can charge you less for their fees, may omit or do this representation work in a negligent or mediocre manner.

It is essential for there to be success at the time of the claim by a lawyer, that the evidence and elements that demonstrate some type of violation or legal transgression are coherent and demonstrable. Some accidents are usually unintentional.

Sometimes, or almost always, a driver does not deliberately intend to hit the other car. Sometimes both drivers are negligent. Then the person who sues must prove that the defendant acted negligently. That is why the evidence material and its validity before the jury and the judge are important.


has to do with the obligation to do something for another person

omission of duty

It has to do with negligence or omission to do what the law requires.


the consequences of destruction when someone or something is harmed due to the omission of the law


Injuries are damages that are reasonably foreseeable as a result of breach or omission of duty.

If a driver while driving is talking on the phone or texting, distracted, and crashes into the back of another car or stops abruptly while going at a regular speed, he or she is acting negligently. Although the driver has the obligation to be attentive and with his senses focused on his work of driving, he decided not to do so for completely conscious reasons. It is obvious that if I am driving a car and I neglect the task of driving it, while I am paying attention to the mobile phone screen, the chances of crashing and causing an accident are high.

But this is not the case in all cases.

Sometimes, there is evidence of intentionality, such as road rage. In this case, there is a will aimed at causing harm; also as can happen in the case of assaults or assaults using the car as a tool to deliberately cause harm.

A good lawyer like Angelica Tovar-Hastings will listen to your version and highlight the important facts to know what type of action is involved, be it road rage, negligence or any other violation of the law. Next you determine what type of claim your client can make as a plaintiff.

When we talk about damages, we are referring to the amount that a civil court gives to one of the parties to compensate them for the accident. Damages resulting from an accident are usually real, punitive and nominal. These may include other legal costs related to restitution.

The so-called nominal damages are usually meager, that is, of insignificant values, such as five dollars. The plaintiff is named the winner and is symbolically repaid with that amount.

In the case of actual damages there is compensation. Here the person filing the claim is reimbursed by restoring what he lost in material terms. This means that the real money cost of the damage that has been caused to repair is appraised. This includes lost wages due to injuries, surgeries, medications, bills for medical treatments, appointments with specialists, length of stay in the hospital, crutches, wheelchairs, etc. Likewise, property damage is included to cover damage to the vehicle.

The defendant is punished with punitive damages. Judges usually grant it when the defendant's behavior has been especially cruel or malicious. Punitive damages are awarded to deter potential lawbreakers from doing the same.

Legal costs cover court preparation costs.

When there is car accidents, the restitution is little. Compensation is made specifically for what was lost or taken. If a work of art valued at $100,000 was carried inside the car, for example, the plaintiff will demand that its value be restored and the defendant will be obliged to replace it.

Could it be that I was a little to blame for the accident?

Almost always a traffic accident is not the fault of a single person. Depending on the state of the accident being litigated, the parties can be judged according to a contributory negligence rule, or in other words, a comparative negligence rule. This is important as it directly affects the plaintiff's ability to collect damages.

In Georgia comparative negligence applies.

This means that one party can still recover even if they are somewhat at fault. However, the amount is assessed as a percentage for the person responsible.

If it is determined that the plaintiff is a 20% responsible for your injuries, your compensation will be reduced to that 20% in order to financially pay for your fault. The attorney can help you discover how comparative negligence may affect your chances of winning in court. The lawyer will also be able to inform you about which possibilities of negotiating an agreement are the most sensible and may have the best prospect of success.

Insurance coverage:

grants up to $25,000 minimum for bodily injury to a single person; $25,000 is awarded for property damage and $50,000 in the event of bodily injuries to several people.

Damage limit:

There is no limit on compensatory damages in the State of Georgia, but there is a limit of $250,000 on punitive damages.


The State of Georgia, particularly the city of Atlanta, has up to two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. After this period, a court will not hear allegations about car accidents.

Car accidents in Atlanta are classified like this.

For distracted driving:

if someone uses the phone and causes a collision with another vehicle.

Uber and Lyft Accidents:

Passenger transportation and ride-sharing services increasingly involve passengers and drivers as these platforms become more common.

Pedestrian accidents:

Atlanta's road infrastructure, where there are limited pedestrian paths, can lead to different types of accidents involving pedestrians who are accidentally hit.

Bicycle accidents:

Much like pedestrian accidents, Atlanta's roads are designed for cars rather than cyclists.

Motorcycle Accidents:

The style of driving a motorcycle can be much more relaxed than driving a car. The skill of a motorist can cause more accidents when interacting with cars.

Truck Accidents:

They are quite common on the roads of the city of Atlanta. Medium and large trucks, as well as semi-trailers, must be kept in mind when driving on the road.

Depending on the level of the accident, the types of injuries vary, as well as the severity. The injuries that usually result from these accidents are often fatal or very serious.

They can go from

  • bruises
  • bruises
  • hits
  • fractures

even injuries

  • cranioencephalic
  • depressions
  • dementia or paranoia.

It all depends on the level of severity of the injury.

Among the most common injuries that people suffer in an accident are:


They have to do with injuries caused by blows to the neck of people at the time of the accident, derived from sudden movements resulting from inertia.

Broken bones:

joints, hands, feet, ribs, etc. Also injuries to the skull that can produce other symptoms.

Cranial or brain injuries:

This includes concussions, injuries, cracks and skull fractures, as well as brain damage due to trauma; This leads to more serious long-term mental health problems in the future.

Internal blows can cause bleeding and organ damage, which can lead to death if not seen by a doctor in time.

If you have suffered a car accident, it is necessary that you have a thorough examination by a doctor. He or she must rule that you have no internal injuries or lacerations or serious damage. It is advisable for your health, since many people after an accident do not go for a medical check-up, which could endanger their health. Likewise, it is important to have a documentary record within the medical history to be able to request compensation from the insurer during the case before the Court, if said legal instance is reached.

You must first and foremost seek appropriate medical treatment after a car accident in Georgia. You must comply to the extent possible with any health care plan that may be provided to you. Remember that many injuries are serious and often go unnoticed, without symptoms. You may require surgeries after an accident, as well as rehabilitation therapy. Most of the time, injuries will heal over time. In any case, be sure to follow the instructions of the medical professional until you recover; his accident lawyer in Atlanta, you should be aware of these appointments and their evolution.

Do not stop your doctor's care and advice before you are fully recovered. This could cause problems when you are compensated. Discuss the medical plan and the steps you need to take to fully recover. You should also wait to return to work until cleared by your doctor. In case of permanent injuries or disability, it will entitle you to fair compensation.

When you visit your doctor after a car accident, he or she may refer you to another doctor for evaluation. There are doctors who specialize in car accident injuries and there are chances of being referred. Consult with your attorney.

In case you have suffered a car accident and have been affected, your accident lawyer is able to help you recover your money. It is not a request for charity, but it is your right as a citizen. You should not handle your injury claim alone, especially if you have suffered serious injuries. Your attorney will fight not only for the compensation you deserve, but to protect your rights from the insurance company.

After you have been in a car accident, the legal battle can drag on for months or sometimes years. Expenses and invoices, as well as all types of derived charges, can come upon us; Other vicissitudes can be added such as job loss, injuries or even divorces derived from their new condition after the accident. The Atlanta accident attorneys at Tovar Hasting Law are able to defend you and make the negligent driver pay for all the damages they caused. Our professionals are ready to defend you vehemently and seeking above all justice for you and will do everything that their knowledge and humanity allows them to do so that you are safe and compensated as you should.