Divorce in Atlanta

Sometimes in life, the difficult moment comes when a couple separates. It is perhaps one of the most painful episodes that anyone can experience. When it is inevitable to opt for divorce, the best thing that can be done to quickly get out of this embarrassing matter is to have specialized legal advice.

Having a lawyer experienced in divorce proceedings will, in most cases, allow you to reach a fair agreement for both parties involved in the dispute. Whenever facing a divorce process, it is necessary to have a lawyer on our side who knows why, when and how an action should be carried out. There are substantial differences when facing each process. In the case of immigrants, for example, their immigration status must be taken into account: whether it is legal or not; if you have a Green Card or are a tourist, etc.

Divorce and immigration status in Atlanta

It may happen during a divorce process that one of the two members of the couple is not a legal citizen of the United States. In this case, a defense before the law will be necessary to demonstrate that you have the right to be a citizen of the United States. If the couple has not been together for more than two years, within the territory of the United States, the immigrant spouse will obtain conditional permanent resident status. There is a risk of deportation, in the event that before two years of de facto marital union have passed, the marriage is dissolved. For this reason, it is necessary to have specialized divorce advice.

Do I Want to Get Divorced in Atlanta: What Am I Right to If I Do?

There are a large number of questions that those involved in a divorce process ask themselves. One of them is, what will happen to the assets acquired during the union, as well as the custody of the children, if there are any? As indicated, each case is particular, and deserves to be analyzed in context and individually. It must be taken into account that to file a divorce application in Georgia, you must have at least 31 days' notice to do so.

What Is No-Fault Divorce in Georgia?

In the State of Georgia, there is a “no-fault divorce.” What does it consist of? In short, it could be said that it is the freedom that both members of the marriage have to be able to settle their differences without legally affecting the couple.

Alleging incompatibility of diametrically opposed characters or personalities, for example, could be a valid argument to demonstrate that the fact that the spouses have come to take the free decision to divorce.

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