Hispanic Lawyers in Atlanta

Achieving the American dream is the goal of many Latino immigrants. Even when it has been achieved, accidents can happen in life, events for which we were not prepared. When tranquility is put at risk, it is not the time to improvise; It must be left in expert hands. Attorney Angélica Tovar-Hastings knows all branches of the laws of the state of Georgia:

Additionally, her knowledge of the situation of the Latino community in the United States makes her one of the most important professionals in her field in the entire state of Georgia.


If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligent, dangerous, or reckless act of another person or corporation, legal action can be taken to recover compensation for damages. Although these cases vary widely in the degree of injury, one aspect remains constant: the party responsible for the injury is liable and must face civil justice related to their actions in a lawsuit or suit filed on behalf of the injured. A civil lawsuit against the responsible party can be a critical aspect for an injured victim; Your medical treatment, future medical care, rehabilitation, loss of income, and pain and suffering must be taken into account when filing a claim.

Immigration services

We are aware of the difficulty and anxiety of being forcibly separated from the family or the fear that being forced to move can bring. Attorney Tovar-Hastings offers a variety of immigration services, including temporary and permanent visas, petitions and appeals to help reunite families and give them the stability they need to thrive.
In the event that someone faces deportation or removal proceedings, our firm acts as a strong defensive team to support and represent the person and their family. Attorney Tovar-Hastings is always up to date on the latest changes in the law, ensuring the best possible defense for her clients.

Family law services

Around the world, families are under pressure and sometimes a twist occurs. At Tovar-Hastings Law, we have the ability to help families determine the best option for themselves, making the process less stressful. During and after a divorce, Attorney Tovar-Hastings can help with child custody, division of assets and property, alimony, modifications and other legal issues. Likewise, we strive to assist parents and guardians who wish to confirm their rights, through adoption and legitimation.

Criminal Law Services

Attorney Tovar-Hastings offers criminal defense for everything from traffic tickets to DUI, assault and battery, drug possession, and theft. Young people are especially prone to losing control of a situation and finding themselves facing criminal charges they did not expect. In such circumstances, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. Even adults can make errors in judgment, which can result in devastating and long-lasting consequences, if they do not have proper legal representation from an experienced attorney. With the help of Tovar-Hastings Law, criminal charges can be reduced or even dropped entirely.

Commercial law in business

Starting a business involves much more than having a great product or providing excellent services. Even if the owner has an excellent command of business management, the legal procedures necessary to start a business, establish it in a way that complies with local, state and federal laws, and continue its growth in accordance with the same laws, can be complicated. and require time. Attorney Tovar-Hastings can handle all of the paperwork and legal requirements so you can focus on taking care of your business and employees while still promoting your products and services to the community.