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Forget What You Know About Case Value Assessment

Challenging an insurance company for a claim can be a tedious task. However, when you are well informed of your rights and have the right legal assistance, half the battle is won. Insurance companies resolve claims based on several factors and can vary greatly from case to case.

Often the first question a client asks is “What is the value of my case?” This question often comes up in a free consultation. While free consultations open the way for communication between a client and an attorney, some attorneys may abuse this opportunity by misleading clients with false promises. They may even take advantage of common misconceptions about case value, such as:

  • That insurance companies will pay a considerable sum of money for minor injuries suffered by the person who was not at fault.
  • That medical bills determine the value of a case and are generally two or three times the medical bills
  • That insurance companies also pay for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to a client by the process

So if those assumptions that most people have about evaluating the value of a personal injury case or claim are false, what do insurance companies use to determine how much a case is worth?

The truth about case evaluation

The following factors are considered by insurance companies and attorneys when negotiating the value of a case. Every circumstance is different, but understanding these factors and how they affect the value of your case can help you avoid being fooled by false promises and have realistic expectations regarding your personal injury claim.

The extent of the damage

The extent of your injuries will have a large impact on the amount of money the insurance company will award you. If your injuries are significant, you will get more money. Insurance companies do a lot of research into verdicts and diagnosis and look for ways to minimize injuries. Visible injuries, especially those that result in permanent scarring or loss of mobility, are generally given a high value, while soft tissue injuries are usually minimized. Of course, everyone involved in the insurance business seeks to save money without breaking any laws.

Damage also includes damage to vehicles or other property. Insurance companies often attempt to establish a connection between the damage caused to the vehicle and the bodily injury caused to the person or persons. If there is barely a scratch on the vehicle, an insurance company will often downplay any injuries sustained.

The client's personality

A client's personality matters a lot, especially when a case goes to jury trial. If the 12 jurors who must sit and listen to all the proceedings are sufficiently impressed with your personality, find you likable, and don't feel that you are trying to abuse the system, they award you a better amount. And if they are not impressed, especially if they have reason to believe that you are overstating the point or have an air of entitlement, they may not give you the desired compensation. Jurors are ordinary people who are responsible for making a decision about the condition of a fellow citizen. We all like responsible citizens in our locality or state, and juries are no different. They try to gauge a citizen's sense of responsibility, and if they are convinced that you are a responsible, law-abiding citizen, they will favor you. When you talk to them, be patient and explain the situation in the most appropriate way.

Venue of judicial proceedings

Where the case will be tried also affects the outcome of the verdict. There are several things a jury considers when making a judgment. The amount of money awarded also differs from jury to jury for the same case. Therefore, it is important to know where to fight your case unless you are bound to a certain county.

The amount of liability insurance

The amount of money a client can obtain from insurance claims depends largely on the defendant's liability insurance coverage. If the coverage is small, the plaintiff may have difficulty obtaining fair compensation. For example, in Georgia, drivers must have a minimum coverage of $ 25 thousand per person and $ 50 per accident. If your damages exceed $ 25,000 or those of all people involved exceed $ 50,000, then the coverage is insufficient. There may be other means of recovery, but what the insurance company must pay will be limited.

If the case ends up in trial, the same problem may arise. If the defendant does not have any property in his or her name, it becomes difficult to obtain the required compensation beyond what the policy can cover for the damages caused. In such a case, most attorneys will not want to handle your case unless you pay them a flat fee regardless of the claim money you will be awarded.

Attorney representation

An experienced attorney who understands these factors and is honest with you about the potential of the case is a great asset when seeking compensation. Insurance companies often pay more in a case involving a lawyer, especially if they feel they may be taken to court.

We have enough experience to defend your case and obtain the desired results. The reputation of the firm itself is a guarantee that you are consulting lawyers from a firm that will not betray you. Additionally, you can discuss your case and ask for their recommendation. The attorneys will be more than happy to help you through the entire process from the beginning until the moment you receive your claim amount.