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One of the main transgressions of the law that citizens of the United States frequently encounter is the well-known DUI (Driving under Influence) law, which basically consists of driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance. Mainly in Georgia, many immigrants face this situation daily, which endangers their civil liberties. However, in Atlanta, Latino immigrants have DUI legal advice from attorney Angélica Tovar-Hastings. His extensive experience in handling legal matters in Georgia for the Latino community is his main guarantee.

I have problems with the DUI law I live in Georgia

During a DUI incident, it is necessary to remain calm. Consulting with an expert on the consequences of violating the law due to DUI who resides in Georgia is ideal. Attorney Angélica Tovar-Hastings is an expert in everything related to DUI law. Above all, you must remain calm, never argue with the police officer and immediately seek legal protection. Attorney Angélica Tovar-Hastings is extensively qualified to represent any person, whether immigrant or not, who is involved in DUI in Georgia.

Where to Seek Help in Georgia for DUI

It is common for many immigrants to have these types of problems with the DUI violation. For example, in Georgia the minimum drinking age is 21 years. In this way, any person under that age who carries drinks in the vehicle may be unable to drive for up to 120 days. It must be said that the law is very strict in Georgia regarding this infraction. Therefore, having DUI advice is convenient.

DUI violation in Georgia: lawyer Angélica Tovar-Hastings, your ally

In case you have already been involved in the DUI violation, that is, being caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, you should calm down and get the help of a DUI lawyer. If you don't know anyone in Atlanta or Georgia who can give it to you, don't worry, attorney Angélica Tovar-Hastings is an expert professional with extensive experience in DUI defense for Latino immigrants in Georgia. Her high sense of compassion and deep knowledge of the laws make her your ally in these moments of tribulation. I trusted his experience.


Reports of DUI-related car accidents tend to increase during the holiday season. The relaxed atmosphere can lead many people, especially young people, to decide to drive while intoxicated, something that depending on the state, can be more serious than in another, for example in Atlanta the minimum blood alcohol level is 0.08. One of the main events that can result in a change of status affects young beneficiaries of the so-called DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—one of the programs that President-elect Trump has threatened to eliminate. The American dream can end abruptly for those who do not have citizen status; Even permanent residents should not feel entirely safe.


The Immigration and Citizenship service is usually inflexible with people who commit serious crimes, or recidivism in three minor crimes, such as DUI, driving under the influence of substances such as alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, the penalties for this crime can range from five days to one year of detention. Although there are many experienced attorneys who can expunge records, if DUI charges are received, DACA is automatically lost, as the authorities redo the fingerprinting for registration.

I have DUI charges and need help from a lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

Attorney Angelica Tovar Hastings and her law firm are experts in handling car accidents. If you have been arrested on these charges, call 470-207-5333 now and let us help you.


“Dreamers,” who are DACA beneficiaries, are immediately disqualified if they are charged with a DUI. “Once the status protected by DACA is removed, there is no other possibility,” says Óscar Hernández, Political Science student. “It is necessary to have a higher level of responsibility, since we have not yet earned the status of citizens.”