The Internet has changed people's lives in many ways. The things we did before it existed were very different from today, when we can network through our phones or computers. Among the greatest benefits that the Internet has brought has to do with the way we transport ourselves. From the route we want to take, to the type of vehicle we want to travel in, everything can be done through this powerful technological tool. However, the great usefulness and advantages derived from the Internet also have their dark side. Previously, most traffic accidents that occurred were between private cars and taxis. Now we can also add Uber and Lyft accidents

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In large cities in the United States and other countries, transportation services contracted over the Internet are a phenomenon that is growing more and more every day. Sometimes, those who decide to dedicate themselves to offering their driving services through these technological platforms are people who do not have sufficient expertise and knowledge regarding the traffic rules necessary to carry out responsible driving. The idea of getting a car to work on technological platforms is very tempting.

One of the most persistent ideas regarding making a living working through applications is the utility that can be obtained from the car. However, the accident rate associated with the platforms is sometimes associated with the lack of skill that the driver may have. Since these types of accidents are now much more frequent, as more and more cars come into operation on their platforms, these companies have taken matters into their own hands in case such accidents occur. At the time of registering the vehicle, these platforms establish a contract with the vehicle owner that specifies the clauses regarding what has to do with these circumstantial events. Lawsuits are something that platform lawyers always take into consideration, but that driver-owners rarely observe when registering to start driving.

work. When taking a service, the user assumes some responsibilities related, above all, to the problems that taking the driver and/or owner in their car to their destination may cause.

So there is a double standard regarding this type of vehicle, where the driver is exposed compared to cars, which are protected by their bodywork.

Atlanta Accident Lawyer

Since the bulk of bicycle trips are made from home to work or university, many of the people who are affected by car accidents are people under thirty years of age.

In any case, older people use bicycles for transportation, largely because it is a means of transportation that encourages physical exercise and is promoted by governments around the world, especially in countries where the obesity rate is associated with cardiovascular diseases, as well as deaths resulting from bad habits. For this reason, the bicycle is very common to be involved in traffic accidents with cars or trucks.

The Attorneys at Tovar Hasting Law They know the laws of the State of Georgia to protect victims of bicycle accidents. Some lawyers do not take charge of the defense of those affected by injuries or do not represent the relatives of the victims of these accidents, for the simple reason that they are not prepared or do not have the appropriate experience to face this type of case. the state judge.

When downloading the application in order to use it, personal data such as your name, address, credit card, etc., the user agrees to have certain rules of courtesy such as being punctual and being truthful with the data, such as, for example , the place of residence or pick-up at the time of making your service request. In some countries, when the user who requested the service does not show up, a symbolic amount of money is applied as a fine.

In the case of the driver, there is much greater responsibility, since he is the one who takes charge of the vehicle in the event of an eventuality, such as an accident. The vehicle must be in perfect mechanical and technical condition to be able to start operating within the Uber or Lyft platform. Many times, the insurance company that hires the platform is in charge of verifying that it is in good condition and that the vehicle goes through a mechanical test, to avoid any type of subsequent lawsuit, since it often happens that many owners try to work on these platforms in a car that is not capable of making trips, even short ones within the same city.

accident lawyer in atlantaA reflective vest that allows cars to see you at night, lights on the bicycle that make it stand out in the dark, as well as the mandatory use of a helmet, try to prevent fatalities in which bicycle drivers are involved. Lack of foresight and recklessness when crossing busy roads, high speed or distraction while driving, chatting or talking on a cell phone, turn out to be the main known causes of accidents by bicycle drivers.

In recent years, the use of bicycles in urban spaces has grown. Some governments of large cities encourage the use of these, allowing pedestrians to move much faster by renting bicycles provided by public entities to avoid traffic jams, which cause hours to be lost standing in long lines that are kilometers long. For this reason, the accident rate has increased, making these types of accidents serious or even fatal, given that the majority of those who use bicycles do not use any of the safety elements recommended by traffic entities.

Recently there was news regarding bicycle accidents in Atlanta, which shocked public opinion in the city. Former Atlanta Falcons assistant coach Greg Knapp has died after suffering the fatal consequences of a bicycle accident in California. The 58-year-old former coach, when traveling along a road, collided with a car, which caused his death. This has raised alarm bells when it comes to controlling these types of incidents, which are becoming more and more frequent in large cities and towns peripheral to the state capitals of the United States.

This is the importance of having a preventive culture of accidents where bicycles are involved, as well as legislation that allows victims to be compensated by car drivers, although the discussion about the responsibility that led to the accident and the often irresponsible behavior of bicycle drivers causes fatalities to increase. In this sense, the task of the lawyer in charge of defending victims of bicycle accidents has a great impact and is of great importance in legal terms.

Both Uber and Lyft are aware of the laws of the State of Georgia regarding accidents. In this particular, these transport platforms know that there is a direct responsibility that, in any case, is usually covered by an insurance company, which will be in charge of all the legal procedures derived from a situation of Uber and Lyft accidents. Passengers and third parties who are affected, almost always, at the time of a traffic accident, must have protection by the law, since they are not directly responsible for the way in which the driver drives the vehicle.

In this sense, the appearance of these passenger transportation platforms has constituted another work front for accident lawyers in Atlanta, given that even the well-known taxi service has disappeared to make way for this form of transportation driven by Internet and technological platforms. In these cases, different challenges arise for lawyers who must face lawsuits from passengers when they suffer permanent injuries, disability, trauma or, in cases of much greater severity, they may even lose their lives as a result of an accident on these platforms.

The great fragility of the body when having an accident on board a bicycle makes the injuries serious or delicate, mostly due to fractures resulting from such. Head injuries are also very common, given that most fatalities occur due to not wearing helmets, which, according to investigations by traffic police and insurance companies, are responsible for 90% deaths resulting from collisions with cars. .

The different nuances that a crash involving bicycle drivers can have has meant that many accidents, including resulting deaths, remain in a kind of limbo. There are aggravating factors such as the use of hallucinogenic substances or alcohol, which make some lawyers decide not to take cases in defense of bicycle drivers, leaving the victims on the sidelines, also largely due to ignorance and the little existing legislation. on the particular.

The attorneys at Tovar Hastings Law are able to face all legal consequences to represent victims of bicycle accidents in Atlanta. Sometimes the victims of these are immigrants who have an irregular legal situation, which makes them prefer to remain silent and face the complicated consequences of the accident, up to the point of losing their health or life, for fear of facing a legal process. thinking that they have no rights because they do not have the documents in order.

In case you have suffered an accident of this type, do not hesitate to contact Tovar Hastings Law, one of our expert bicycle accident lawyers will advise you so that you can obtain fair compensation for the injuries derived from the accident. same. Feel free to contact us at any time. Our experience and sense of humanity is in defense of the weakest.

What to do in case of accident?

The most important part has to do with the actions to take when suffering an Uber and Lyft accident. It is vital to know what to do, so as not to panic and make mistakes that could harm us in the future. future, regardless of the position one has in the accident, whether as a driver, passenger, the car responsible or the one affected by the accident. We must have a cool head and, as much as possible, try to be as rational as possible, since the fact is, in fact, serious enough to add to our anguish and despair. On the transport platforms page, it is clarified that the first step to take is to verify that all people involved in it are safe.

It has been indicated that it is important to remain calm to know if someone has suffered a more significant contusion such as a fracture, head trauma or any other type of serious injury resulting from the accident. This is the essential. Checking for signs of consciousness such as being alert, without drowsiness or with intense pain in an extremity or if there is bleeding or there are unconscious people, is what should be done first. If someone has knowledge of nursing or medicine or works as a paramedic, this could be of great help.

The next thing that the people involved or witnesses of an accident involving technological platform vehicles should do has to do with calling an ambulance to know for sure if there are serious injuries and it is necessary to transport those affected to the hospital or clinic. closest. In any case, taking records of all kinds, especially audiovisual ones such as photographs or videos with the mobile phone, will be of great help, as it will allow a reconstruction of the accident as it happened, in addition to counting as legal proof of this or that injury or accident. death resulting from the consequences of the accident.

Most companies in charge of technological platforms have a representative who reports what happened in the accident. Many times it is an insurance company that will verify what is stated, in order to then make a decision about the civil and legal liability of those involved.

Are car accidents the same as Uber and Lyft accidents?

In theory they are the same, in what has to do with injuries or damage, however, it can have more complications than one in which individuals are involved. But two Uber and Lyft accidents will never be the same. Although the cars on these platforms are protected by insurance against traffic accidents, it is the coverage of these costs that varies, depending on the case.

If an injured victim files a claim, the cost of full insurance coverage will depend on whether the driver logged into the Uber app just prior to the time of the accident. In this case, Uber can provide up to $ 1 million dollars in compensation for accidents that occur during the trip or when the driver picks up passengers. Uber has the same amount for uninsured drivers. This means that if you get into an accident while the Uber driver is at fault, the insurance company could pay you up to $1 million in accident costs. In any case, these are tentative figures, as they will depend on the severity of the accident and its consequences in the medium and long term.

If you are an Uber and Lyft passenger and another driver causes the accident, uninsured driver insurance applies up to a maximum of $ 1 million, as long as the responsible person is not insured or their insurance policy can cover the cost. When the accident occurs and the driver is not traveling with Uber, the coverage is less, since the company provides insurance for up to USD 50,000 per person and up to USD 100,000 per accident. To avoid these inconveniences, the company requires periodic inspections of used and in-service cars. For drivers, Uber requires minimum requirements, especially regarding their experience and history of previous accidents.

In any case, if you are a victim or have caused an accident on these transportation platforms, don't worry. You have to be calm. The attorneys at Tovar Hastings Law are trained to handle car accidents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So make the smart decision and call us right now so we can provide you with legal advice.