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Staying attentive behind the wheel is important when driving across a highway, or even in a suburb. When there is distracted drivers, an accident can happen at any time. This is one of the main causes of major accidents on the highways and streets of Atlanta and the rest of the States. Although there is no specific statistic that speaks about this phenomenon, it is important to analyze the causes and consequences of those who, when taking the wheel, are not focused on taking the car to its destination without any setbacks along the route.

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Accidents resulting from this behavior are increasing more and more, to the extent that today there are many more people who use smartphones for their daily activities. Social networks, the Internet, games, the news, occupy the attention of drivers behind the wheel, making driving a car a real danger.

This statistic is in accident reports, in police reports, and, above all, in insurance companies that see this type of accidents resulting from the recklessness of looking at the cell phone screen while behind the wheel increase dramatically.

Unlike a decade ago, today, there are many more cell phones around the world. In industrialized countries like the United States, many people, by virtue of their work, must use up to two cell phones. Daily life today could be said to require the use of technology to be able to satisfactorily fulfill work and academic obligations, in addition to the fact that our social life is linked to our activity on cell phones. Leaving your cell phone forgotten on the nightstand means losing options and opportunities of all kinds.

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This causes people to become slaves to technology, to the detriment of the safety of their lives and those of their loved ones. We must not forget that driving is a great responsibility and any mistake that can be made behind the wheel has consequences, often serious or irremediably fatal. According to studies carried out, the fact of being distracted for a few seconds by looking at the cell phone screen is more than enough for an accident to occur. Taking your eyes off the steering wheel and the road is one of the main factors of accidents around the world.

Statistics from the Georgia Office of Highway Safety, between 2000 and 2008, indicate that nearly 18,000 people were injured in incidents related to road accidents and there were nearly 1,300 deaths. Although these statistics are outdated over time, it is clear that the accident figures due to distracted drivers, they are much older. In about 16 states, cell phone use by drivers behind the wheel is prohibited. Specifically, in the State of Georgia, driving without the use of devices such as Bluetooth, or what is the same, hands-free, is prohibited according to House Bill 673 of June 2018.

This law promotes the responsible use of cellular devices while driving, preventing drivers from using their hands for anything other than taking control of the vehicle. Mainly the law House Bill 673 of the State of Georgia, aims to make drivers, especially the youngest ones, who are the ones who usually have the dangerous habit of driving while they are chatting or checking social networks or the Internet on their cell phones, Leave aside this irresponsible practice, which causes many traffic accidents.

Regulatory agencies in 16 of the 52 United States of America have reported, under the new hands-free legislation, a dramatic reduction in accident rates resulting from using cell phones while driving. According to House Bill 673, a driver will have no problem answering a call or using his cell phone, as long as it is enabled and properly connected to it through a wireless device that allows him to talk without using his hands. Otherwise, you will be penalized by police officers who catch you with your cell phone in your hands.

Unlike a few years ago, technology today has made things easier. Most automakers have built-in technology that allows the driver to connect their device to an in-car audio system. In this way, while his hands are busy behind the wheel, a driver will be able to answer calls through his wireless connection, which allows him to answer and hang up or dial a number using his voice, without having to take the phone at any time. your hands, the cell phone, avoiding a potential accident.

The Georgia State Police has implemented strict enforcement of this House Bill 673 law. Thus, any driver caught using their hands, even to find a location or activate the GPS, or whatever the excuse given by The driver will receive a penalty.

Accidents due to the negligence of distracted drivers have caused a lot of pain to citizens throughout the territories of different states. Even this law, House Bill 673, is so strict that it does not even allow people to pick up the phone in circumstances that could be considered extenuating.

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Georgia police officers have even issued tickets to drivers who, taking advantage of the red light, pick up their cell phone to send a short text message. You can't even claim the possibility of answering the phone using your head and shoulder, without touching it. The only exception that can be argued under House Bill 673 is a true emergency situation in which the driver can take the phone with his hands, is to call an ambulance or the police.

When a fine is issued for using the phone while holding it with your hands, it is understood that there are a series of values according to recidivism, which has to do with the driver's negligence or lack of interest in assimilating the hands-free law. In this way, when the driver is caught using his hands to manipulate the cell phone, when required by the authority, he will be fined with a first fine of $50 and a point on his driving license. If the driver reoffends, that is, is caught a second time taking the cell phone in his hands without using hands-free devices while in control of the vehicle, he will receive a second fine of $100 and two points on his driver's license. . If you are caught a third time, you will receive $150 and three points on your license.

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It is clear that, even if new laws are passed and fines or sanctions are established, there will continue to be drivers who ignore or do not take with due responsibility their task of driving their car in a sensible manner, always keeping their attention fixed on the road and the cars that travel. Technological resources seem to be increasingly against negligence at the wheel, considering resources such as face and motion detection sensors, which can indicate alerts in cases of violation of the norm.

When an accident happens, whether as a victim or as its cause, everything is confusing and the mind is not prepared for the consequences that arise from it. It is of great importance to remain calm. After the crash, the brain is stunned and many parts of the body may not respond as expected. Many people have reported episodes of paralysis after an accident, largely due to the emotional toll a crash represents.

Once this part is controlled and awareness is raised, a report must be made or the type of injuries those involved must be evaluated, and, finally, the material damage that occurred in the vehicles that collided must be reviewed. In any case, it is always convenient to record the event using devices such as cell phones.

Next, it is necessary to report to the authorities such as the police and request an ambulance that has paramedics who are able to know what serious injuries those involved in the car accident may have.

Sometimes, even if no injury is perceived or pain is not felt, it is quite likely that there are injuries that are not considered serious or important, due to the release of adrenaline during the car crash.

Many people who have suffered car accident injuries report that it was after the crash, even several days later, that they began to feel related pain or bruising symptoms.

Joint pain, headaches, tears, dislocations and other discomforts resulting from the accident can occur without us being aware of them. That is why it is important that an expert doctor carefully check whether there is any type of external or internal injury, fracture or internal bleeding after the accident.

These reports must be reported to the insurer so that those responsible are responsible for the costs derived from the accident. It is your right as an injured person to be compensated after a car accident. It is not something you ask as a favor or kindness: you have the right to demand it.