Business training in Atlanta

One of the main concerns of anyone who wants to establish themselves in the state of Georgia is forming a company. For state authorities this is of utmost importance, since the intention to permanently settle in a city like the capital of Georgia includes the creation of solid capital with the creation of a company.

Nearly 90 percent of immigrants do so precisely to generate the money required to permanently settle in a state as dynamic as Georgia and a city as important as Atlanta.

I want to create a company in Atlanta but I don't know how

Creating a company in the United States has a series of specific requirements that other countries do not have. First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the type of legal structure that our business will have. This is of great importance when establishing the hierarchies and specific responsibilities of the constituents, in addition to giving the state the necessary tools to know what the rates will be to pay for its creation taxes.

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To create a small business in Georgia, what requirements do I have to meet?

In the state of Georgia, state laws require that the type of business corporation be determined first. There are different types of business and corporate societies: discipline associations, division corporations, limited liability companies and companies themselves, are some of the figures established by the state of Georgia, when creating a type of business formation, whether in Atlanta , its capital, or in any other type of city in the state.

Attorney Angélica Tovar-Hastings can guide you in your doubts regarding business formation in Georgia.

What requirements does the state require for companies in Georgia?

One of the most important requirements required by the Georgia Secretary of State is the annual registration of companies. It is worth clarifying that this applies in the case of small businesses. If this is the case of an individual company, it is not necessary to make this annual registration. However, as has been said, each case is different from the other.

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