Among the cases that mostly occur in the field of legal advice, are the bicycle accidents. Although in most of the countries of the world, the automobile is the main transportation vehicle, bicycles are gaining strength in some nations such as the Netherlands, China or the United States, as well as in much of Latin America.

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One of the main reasons why people choose to use bicycles has to do with the fact that it is an economical, healthy and ecological method of transportation.

Governments around the world encourage the use of bicycles to reduce the environmental pollution produced by petroleum-derived fuels, which currently increase the devastating effects of climate change.

The main problem that bicycle drivers face has to do with sharing the roads with cars, especially those that are large in size. This has made serious, or even fatal, incidents more frequent. The lawyers in charge of accident defense of bicycles, they have more work as people leave aside cars and choose to transport themselves on bicycles.

So there is a double standard regarding this type of vehicle, where the driver is exposed compared to cars, which are protected by their bodywork.

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Since the bulk of bicycle trips are made from home to work or university, many of the people who are affected by car accidents are people under thirty years of age.

In any case, older people use bicycles for transportation, largely because it is a means of transportation that encourages physical exercise and is promoted by governments around the world, especially in countries where the obesity rate is associated with cardiovascular diseases, as well as deaths resulting from bad habits. For this reason, the bicycle is very common to be involved in traffic accidents with cars or trucks.

The Attorneys at Tovar Hasting Law They know the laws of the State of Georgia to protect victims of bicycle accidents. Some lawyers do not take charge of the defense of those affected by injuries or do not represent the relatives of the victims of these accidents, for the simple reason that they are not prepared or do not have the appropriate experience to face this type of case. the state judge.

Although it is considered a safe means of transportation, the bicycle involves a great risk due to the factors indicated above. Above all, with regard to injuries resulting from bicycle accidents. Added to the risk of sharing the roads with much larger cars such as trucks and buses, the lives of bicycle drivers are much more affected by the type of injuries. In almost all countries, bicycle drivers are required to carry equipment that prevents potential accidents.

accident lawyer in atlantaA reflective vest that allows cars to see you at night, lights on the bicycle that make it stand out in the dark, as well as the mandatory use of a helmet, try to prevent fatalities in which bicycle drivers are involved. Lack of foresight and recklessness when crossing busy roads, high speed or distraction while driving, chatting or talking on a cell phone, turn out to be the main known causes of accidents by bicycle drivers.

In recent years, the use of bicycles in urban spaces has grown. Some governments of large cities encourage the use of these, allowing pedestrians to move much faster by renting bicycles provided by public entities to avoid traffic jams, which cause hours to be lost standing in long lines that are kilometers long. For this reason, the accident rate has increased, making these types of accidents serious or even fatal, given that the majority of those who use bicycles do not use any of the safety elements recommended by traffic entities.

Recently there was news regarding bicycle accidents in Atlanta, which shocked public opinion in the city. Former Atlanta Falcons assistant coach Greg Knapp has died after suffering the fatal consequences of a bicycle accident in California. The 58-year-old former coach, when traveling along a road, collided with a car, which caused his death. This has raised alarm bells when it comes to controlling these types of incidents, which are becoming more and more frequent in large cities and towns peripheral to the state capitals of the United States.

This is the importance of having a preventive culture of accidents where bicycles are involved, as well as legislation that allows victims to be compensated by car drivers, although the discussion about the responsibility that led to the accident and the often irresponsible behavior of bicycle drivers causes fatalities to increase. In this sense, the task of the lawyer in charge of defending victims of bicycle accidents has a great impact and is of great importance in legal terms.

When an accident of these characteristics occurs, most bicycle drivers do not know what they have to do to be able to defend their rights before the insurance companies, for which it is particularly complex to carry out investigations where the victims are involved. bikes.

The great fragility of the body when having an accident on board a bicycle makes the injuries serious or delicate, mostly due to fractures resulting from such. Head injuries are also very common, given that most fatalities occur due to not wearing helmets, which, according to investigations by traffic police and insurance companies, are responsible for 90% deaths resulting from collisions with cars. .

The different nuances that a crash involving bicycle drivers can have has meant that many accidents, including resulting deaths, remain in a kind of limbo. There are aggravating factors such as the use of hallucinogenic substances or alcohol, which make some lawyers decide not to take cases in defense of bicycle drivers, leaving the victims on the sidelines, also largely due to ignorance and the little existing legislation. on the particular.

The attorneys at Tovar Hastings Law are able to face all legal consequences to represent victims of bicycle accidents in Atlanta. Sometimes the victims of these are immigrants who have an irregular legal situation, which makes them prefer to remain silent and face the complicated consequences of the accident, up to the point of losing their health or life, for fear of facing a legal process. thinking that they have no rights because they do not have the documents in order.

In case you have suffered an accident of this type, do not hesitate to contact Tovar Hastings Law, one of our expert bicycle accident lawyers will advise you so that you can obtain fair compensation for the injuries derived from the accident. same. Feel free to contact us at any time. Our experience and sense of humanity is in defense of the weakest.