Georgia Pardon Law

New administrations bring changes. This is no exception in the United States in 2021. The arrival of the new Democratic government has led to changes in laws in different fields or even pardons for the migrant community in the United States. It is important to know the context, since it is crucial to be able to obtain not only legal migrant status, but also to be able to organize life in the state of Georgia in all its aspects. So, if you are part of the migrant community in the United States, this information may be important for you.

How to get a pardon in Georgia?

As a general rule, within the statutes of the State of Georgia, there are a series of conditions that allow a person to obtain a pardon from the state courts. It must be clarified that this in some specific cases is not easy, given the characteristics that this person has: criminal record, bad behavior, history of violence or assault, as well as traffic accidents under the influence of drugs or alcohol. . All this is significant and important for the law. Thus, obtaining a pardon in Georgia is determined by the above conditions.

Election criteria to benefit from the forgiveness law in the State of Georgia

Among the main criteria to be able to benefit from the pardon law in the State of Georgia, are, in case of having had problems with justice, completing the criminal sanction during the time stipulated by the court sentence, mainly for a felony. , in the last (5) five years. Likewise, having had irreproachable conduct towards the community in the same period of time, completing the social reparation sanctions that would have derived from the illegal conduct.

What is the process to obtain forgiveness in the State of Georgia?

If you need to apply for forgiveness granted by the State of Georgia, it is necessary to complete a process that takes several stages. As a first step, you must complete a pardon application, which can also be sent if you have had convictions for serious crimes.

For a fee determined by the State of Georgia, you can obtain an official GCIC criminal history record from a law enforcement agency. The State of Georgia will review your entire GCIC criminal history to see if there is a final disposition for your particular charges.
You may obtain certified copies of any missing disposition in case of arrests for serious crimes that occurred in the last fifteen (15) years.

You are also required to submit your updated employment information and sign a waiver so the Board can access your employment history. All these documents will be analyzed by the State Board over 9 months, which will be the time the response will take. If approved, you must wait approximately (6) weeks to obtain a new criminal record from GCIC, thereby ensuring that your record shows that you have been pardoned of crimes.

If the State of Georgia denies it, you have to wait up to two years to apply again. There is no appeal process.
On the website of the State Pardon and Parole Board, you can complete the application, which must be certified before a notary.

Likewise, certified copies of the required missing provisions must be attached. A copy of your GCIC criminal history that is less than ten (10) days old. All in a stamped, updated addressed envelope.

The State Board usually requests, as additional documentation to the forgiveness request process, a personal letter that specifically explains why a pardon is being requested, as well as why it is important and what causes you have to deserve it. The letter of recommendation from community leaders and other members of the community or, if applicable, counselors, as well as your employers, can help a decision be made in your favor.

A good resume, as well as other certifications, awards, and any other documentation of education, training, drug treatment, etc., can serve as evidence that your behavior has changed for the better and has helped you improve.