Drug Possession in Atlanta

One of the most common crimes in the United States is drug possession. It is perhaps one of the countries that most pursues the carrying and trade of illicit drugs throughout the world. Carrying any type of illegal substance is reason enough to be detained by an officer and charged with this crime, whose penalties can range from five to thirty years, even carrying life imprisonment for major drug trafficking charges. It is necessary to warn that the fact of being arrested on suspicion of drug possession in the United States does not mean that the person will be tried per se.

There is a right enshrined in the United States Constitution, which guarantees self-defense before the law, as well as an attorney. Attorney Angélica Tovar Hastings is an expert in defense of drug possession charges. Her experience and sense of compassion and humanity have led her to defend thousands of people, particularly Latino immigrants in the United States. If you need advice on defense for drug possession, contact us now at (470) 207-5333.

I am an immigrant and I am accused of drug possession. Do I have the right to defend myself?

One of the most distressing situations for anyone is being arrested. Especially if someone is in a state of vulnerability, as happens to immigrants, it makes things much more difficult. Depending on the amount of drugs found on someone, as well as their previous records for the crime, the sentences, if they are actually found guilty, may vary. However, as stated, everyone in the United States has a legitimate right to a fair trial, which includes, of course, a defense.

In cases of drug possession, the lawyer must be a professional expert in the matter, otherwise complicating things and precipitating a sentence due to an error in the argument and the evidentiary process. Attorney Angélica Tovar Hastings has extensive experience in drug possession defense. Her sense of compassion and humanity has led her to obtain a lesser sentence for her clients in cases where it is impossible to do anything else; In the same way, it has achieved freedom for many innocent defendants, who have not been able to prove that they are actually drug traffickers.

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