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Pedestrian accidents

Within the State of Georgia statistics, pedestrian accidents represent almost 15% of total fatalities. If we compare it with collisions between vehicles, the number is, of course, lower. What makes the consequences of an accident in which people are involved much more serious is, of course, the high risk of injury or even death due to its consequences. That is why it is important to know the details of this type of accident and what can be done, both legally and medically, in case someone is a victim of one.

The incidents regarding this type of accidents where pedestrians are involved have different characteristics that must be taken into account when compiling serious statistics. Nearly 5,000 pedestrians died in 2015 as a result of an accident with a car. 26% of these accidents that involved pedestrians occurred with few natural light conditions, that is, after 6 p.m., which can be attributed to poor visibility. About 70% of the victims of this type of accident are male. In almost half of these accidents, alcohol was directly related, with 50% of affected individuals being under the influence of this substance. In a 20%, the drivers who hit a pedestrian fled.

Accidents of this type occur much more in urban areas than in rural areas. Given that there is currently greater population growth in urban areas, due to causes such as the migration of citizens from other countries, demographic growth and other factors such as industrialization and proliferation of businesses, these indices have an increasing trend. A figure that can be revealing has to do with the age of those who are involved in accidents of this type, since it is young people between 15 and 25 years old, who are directly related, being affected by collisions with cars, thus resulting in injuries.

There are many variables when it comes to a pedestrian accident case. Taking into account that each State has laws that vary, the lawyer's task becomes more or less complex. In urban centers with the greatest population confluence, such as the city of Atlanta in the State of Georgia, the accident rate compared to other less densely populated places is exponentially higher.

As we have said previously, in Atlanta, which is a major urban center within the State of Georgia, many more pedestrian accidents occur than in other towns. However, the specific characteristics related to them are what can make the difference for statistics, but, above all, for insurer investigators and prosecutors in charge of knowing what happened. The growth of the vehicle fleet is one of the main factors directly related to accidents involving pedestrians. The greater the number of cars circulating, the greater the probability of an accident.

Sometimes pedestrians are also responsible, due to negligence or recklessness when crossing a street, being distracted by looking at their cell phone or for reasons ranging from alcohol consumption or the use of alternative means of transportation. In the case of the city of Atlanta, just a couple of years ago, the proliferation of electric scooters had to be restricted due to the increase in this type of traffic accidents. The use of these human-powered vehicles, such as electric scooters, produced a fatal accident a few years ago that was reported to the local press.

In 2019, in the suburb of East Point, a young man died after crashing into a truck while riding his electric scooter. This accident, added to others with similar characteristics, where a car, an SUV and a bus were involved, led the Atlanta authorities to prohibit the transit of this type of vehicle at night, which poses a risk to users.

The mayor of Atlanta at the time, Keisha Lance Bottoms, emphasized that these types of accidents involving electric scooter users always occurred in the afternoon hours almost late at night, when visibility is much lower and drivers can run over, sometimes without being aware of it, to the pedestrians who are on board these vehicles driven by human traction. Although these vehicles are ecological, practical and economical, they result in a great risk for those who travel in them, since they are vulnerable when it comes to suffering an accident, compared to collisions between cars. This leads city authorities such as the Atlanta Mayor's Office to regulate mobility during hours that are most risky for pedestrians, in order to always preserve their integrity and life.

After this wave of accidents with human-powered vehicles, such as electric scooters, other populations took an example from the Solomonic decision of the mayor of Atlanta, thus avoiding more accidents to regret later. Also in Dallas, Nashville, Tennessee and Athens, the circulation of these electric scooters has begun to be regulated, given that the increase in recent years has gone from less to more, due to the growing commercialization of these single-seater vehicles, used especially by young people under twenty-five years old, who are precisely those most affected by accidents.

The traffic problems that many cities around the world suffer due to the increase in the number of vehicles mean that transportation alternatives such as electric scooters, bicycles and other forms of transportation are used by citizens. Pedestrian accidents unfortunately are part of a growing statistic in countries with a higher level of development, where alternative forms of transportation are growing. This generates a large demand for insurance and fines for those who cause accidents, as well as for those affected, who must subsidize the consequences that remain after suffering an accident.

Being a victim of a traffic accident as a pedestrian has many consequences. Among them, those of the consequences derived from the crash. There can be different types of these. Many times after a traffic accident, you can experience a normal dislocation or injury, which, after the discomfort and appropriate medical attention, will allow you to resume normal activities, even until you can resume alternative transportation. that was used before the accident.

However, this is not the case in all cases. Sometimes, an accident with a vehicle can lead to much more serious injuries, which can be disabling for long periods of time or sometimes for the rest of one's life. It is of great importance, at the time of the accident, to keep in mind what type of injury was suffered and to be evaluated by an expert doctor, who will indicate what type of examinations will be necessary to begin a rehabilitation process considered by the traumatologist or surgeon.

The work of the lawyer who is in charge of your case has to do with this appeal to the insurance company, which will be the one that grants compensation for damages or injuries, as the case may be. In other scenarios where the consequences are fatal, the legal advice of the expert will also be necessary in this type of case.

In the event that you or someone in your family has suffered a traffic accident that involves your integrity, Tovar Hastings Law has a law firm that is expert in this type of incident. It is not wise to leave these cases in the hands of attorneys who know nothing or do not know anything about accidents in the State of Atlanta. For those who do not know, in each State the laws change and an accident lawyer for New York or California is not the same as for Atlanta or Houston. Each case is different from the other. And, consequently, the processes are different for each situation.

Atlanta is one of the cities with the highest traffic confluence, and, of course, with a high accident rate. The number of cars in Atlanta, and in the State of Georgia, has increased as cities have grown. Likewise, the various ways of transporting and moving through large cities like Atlanta make incidents more frequent. As said at the beginning of the article, those who have been most affected, as victims of this accident, are young people between 18 and 25 years old, on average.

At the time of a traffic accident, if you are a victim, it is advisable to have the advice of a lawyer who has sufficient knowledge on the subject. Sometimes some lawyers offer much cheaper advice, but taking into account that insurance companies have a powerful law firm. It is not advisable to leave your case in the hands of chance, or inexperienced lawyers, since the professional quality will depend on whether you can obtain fair compensation for your injuries and the time and money you have lost due to the traffic accident.

Tovar Hastings Law has a firm of expert lawyers who are able to advise you so that you can obtain justice in your case. If you are a migrant or vulnerable population, or part of the Latino community in the State of Georgia, do not hesitate to contact us. Tovar Hastings Law has many years of experience in obtaining fair compensation for its clients in traffic accident cases in the State of Atlanta.