If you have experienced a vehicle accident, whether by your design or that of the other party involved in the accident, you may find yourself involved in a court case. Once your case is filed in court, you will be asked to answer the court's questions under oath. insurance company lawyers.

Answering verbal questions under oath is called a “deposition.” A car accident statement helps establish facts and get to the bottom of what really happened at the time of the incident. It is very important that you are ready when you speak in court and that you know what to expect when you testify under oath.

What to Expect at a Car Accident Report and How to Prepare

What to Expect at a Car Accident Report and How to Prepare

Preparing for Your Car Accident Report

Talk to a lawyer before giving your statement.

An attorney can help you put your facts and observations in the most useful order. They can also help you express what happened.

Review your materials

If you have documents or written notes, review them before the case. Familiarize yourself with them so you feel comfortable talking about them.

Get enough sleep the night before

Sleep helps your memory, your mood, and your clarity.

During your car accident statement

Tell the truth

This is the most important rule. You may be required to testify under oath more than once. If you are telling the truth, your story will not change and there will be no inconsistencies. Always be as concise as possible.

Keep calm

Speaking in front of the insurance company attorney and court reporter can be intimidating, no matter the circumstances! It doesn't help if the lawyer asking you questions becomes irascible or aggressive. No matter what happens, keep a clear and calm head and do your best to stay calm.

Ask for a break if you need it

If the car accident deposition is long, ask your attorney to request a break. This will give you a chance to go to the bathroom, have a drink or snack, and regroup.

Be short and concise

Say everything you need, but don't say more. The lawyer asking the questions will want to obtain as much information as possible to use to his or her advantage. Answer questions but do not offer information. Remember, this is a fishing expedition, and the other side would like to paint a picture that benefits themselves, not you.

Avoid humor or vague sounds

It may be tempting to say something you think is funny while filing your car accident statement. Avoid this. What you consider funny can be misinterpreted as disrespect. Avoid excessive use of "um" or "uh-huh" or other similar filler sounds. Always use words. Say "yes" or "no" instead of nodding your head.

never speculate

It's okay to say you don't know or aren't sure. Don't guess distances, vehicle colors or any other information. Only provide estimates if requested.

Prepare for Your Car Accident Deposition with Attorney Angelica Tovar-Hastings

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