Among the large number of cases that we face daily, are the divorces, child support, immigration law, and above all, traffic accidents. It must be clarified that Immigration status is not an impediment to demanding compensation when there is a traffic accident. Sometimes people, even if they are good drivers, have an accident. Even if we are parked, we can receive a collision because someone has hit us. The first thing that has to be considered is the state we are in after the accident.

If we are in a state of consciousness and we can move, the first thing we must do is take tests. This means taking photos and evidence to demonstrate exoneration of fault. Sometimes the fear of being an immigrant and not having documents leads many people to escape or flee the scene of the accident. This is a big mistake and should not be done. What should be done is take photos or videos to be able to demonstrate what the accident was like, since, when the police officer arrives, the cars are usually asked to move, so the evidence is lost.

Likewise, it is important to record any injuries we have through video or photography.

First of all, it is necessary to estimate the damage or injuries. At first, you may not feel the pain because of the adrenaline. However, later, the pain will be felt. Many minor accidents result in bruises or minor injuries. However, in severe cases, there may be internal bleeding, fractures, etc.

It is important to first evaluate the state of health. It often happens that sometimes many people can pretend to be sick or injured, making officers suspicious, since this trick is common to escape arrest.

First of all, it is necessary to request an ambulance to evaluate the general state of health immediately after the accident. No need to worry about expenses. If we are not guilty, medical expenses can be paid later. We must always take into account our health first and foremost.

After the accident, it usually happens that the pain derived from the injuries usually appears

This is where we have to request an evaluation with a doctor to establish what treatment or surgery needs to be done to restore optimal health. Even minor injuries often require treatment and therapy. In the case of injuries resulting from major accidents, things may require long-term surgeries or therapies.

Our lawyer will advise us on what needs to be done to be able to build the case against whoever caused the accident. The first thing someone who has been in an accident thinks is thinking that they are left without a car. First of all, it is necessary to report the damages to the insurance company so that the insurance of whoever is responsible subsequently pays all the expenses. In this way, you avoid talking to the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. While if we choose to report to our insurance, the companies will settle between themselves without us incriminating ourselves and without receiving compensation.

This is a point of great importance, since many times errors when declaring the accident can cause our claim to be annulled firsthand, all because we did not take the precaution of speaking first with the lawyer so that he can tell us what we must do. Our lawyer will work together with our doctor to request the necessary compensation derived from the accident. Both money and moral, social and psychological damages. After an accident, life changes radically. This must be taken into account so that our lawyer is clear about the total amount of the claim before the insurer.

I had an accident and I don't know what to do

I had an accident and I don't know what to do

There is no need to fear that we could go to court after an accident.

As we say: the most important thing is health when suffering an accident. This is essential and we must take it into account, in any case, without putting anything first, neither money nor the immigration situation. Life and health must come first and therefore immediate medical evaluation after the accident is crucial, regardless of expenses.

Although the name demands, it may seem that there will be a legal fight, this often involves a negotiation with the insurer of the party causing the accident. Sometimes, people come to our office because they have received 500 or 1000 dollars, losing everything that they could have recovered and been fully repaired after the accident, sometimes having lifelong consequences or paying for therapies that they can exceed. the thousands of dollars.

So, as we have said, the main steps when suffering an accident are to call an ambulance, take photos or videos of it and, above all, have a lawyer who estimates all the expenses derived from the accident. It is not recommended to face a process before an insurance company without the support of an expert traffic accident lawyer. Even if we are not licensed, it is important to first be sure that there are no serious injuries in the first place.

In the State of Georgia, driving without a license carries a minimum of two days in jail.

Even if we do not have a license, it is necessary to call an ambulance to evaluate our general state of health, first of all, then we will see how we will get out of the process for driving without a license. For the most part, accidents are resolved without having to go to court. So, we have to stop being afraid of this.

In any case, to always have the support of an expert lawyer, we recommend that you share this information among your acquaintances to avoid being harmed after an accident, without thinking that we do not have our immigration status defined yet. So you can always count on the legal advice of Tovar Hastings, any time you require it.