For the Latino community in the United States, perhaps the main legal problem that exists has to do with immigration laws. The laws in the United States have to do, directly or not, with the government that arrives. Over the past four years, things have not been easy for the immigrant community. However, with the changes in government, we must talk about the future of the Latino community and immigration laws. To begin, we must talk about what the new Democratic government promises to do.

DACA is the main concern, as well as TPS.

During the last four years the problem of minors entering was suspended; With the change of government, minors could reenter to reunite with their parents. DACA, TPS, and refugee and asylum programs, have affected the Latino community in the United States, particularly in Atlanta. Not much has been said about this issue, but new President Joe Biden's plans have to do with freezing deportations during the first hundred days of his government. This makes sense when looking at priorities for deportations, so this would be a relief.

During the Trump administration, all Latinos residing in the United States were in the same bucket. Now, it is expected that the most urgent immigration statuses will be prioritized. In most states, like Georgia, driving without a license carries two days in jail. Given the case of the majority of immigrants, it is impossible to stay at home teleworking or not go out at all, which is difficult, since it is necessary to look for daily sustenance. Likewise, the possibility of hiring a driver for days or entire weeks is something that is not viable for many people, since they do not have the resources to do so.

The situation is difficult for the majority of Latino immigrants in the United States

The suggestion I make is that, if possible, and there are several people who travel to work in an area, they hire the services of a van with a driver with a license, in order to avoid any type of problems with the law during your stay in the country. The law is inflexible in most states regarding this issue, so you have to be cautious.

Avoiding any type of ticket is essential to stay out of court problems.

Likewise, arguments, problems with the community such as consumption of drinks or hallucinogens or fights, must be avoided. A felony is a serious matter. So always staying away from any conflict will prevent us from having to go to court and our immigration status or freedom from being involved in any way. Continuing to work and progress until we can regularize our legal and immigration status in the United States should be the main concern during our stay in the country.

In most cases, when a person does not have major problems with the law, they will not represent a priority for deportation, since their criminal record is not a priority. But if there are too many problems with justice, this is a sign that this person represents a problem for justice, and therefore will be in the eye of the hurricane. This is an important point for the balance of the deportation system. You should not miss the opportunity to live and grow in the United States. Although immigration reform is not possible now to legalize so many millions of immigrants, we must try to live in balance with American justice.

The new president Joe Biden wants to regularize collateral arrests, this means that when the Police arrive to look for someone, those who are in the property are arrested, which turns them into scapegoats.

Likewise, another change that is expected to come has to do with calls family requests. The government made a change in February 2020, it has to do with public charge. Before this date, you had to have a sponsor, who was the one who asked this person to cover your financial needs. Now with public charge, not only the sponsor but all members of the house have to make a report of their financial status in order to be approved. That person must demonstrate that they will not become a public charge in order to complete the process before immigration officials and earn their Green card as quickly as possible.

It is expected that the new administration will make a reform to improve immigration law in support of the Latino immigrant population, mainly.

The road to legalization is long and stormy. These changes take time and it is necessary that a few years pass before the immigrant community can live without legal problems within the United States. The discretion of the immigration system has directly to do with the government in power. We will have to wait and see what actions the Democratic government will take, but it is expected that the situation will improve compared to what exists today, which is no bed of roses for those who live in the United States.

It is necessary, therefore, to have the support of an expert lawyer who knows about all the problems that immigrants face in the United States.

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