There are more positive changes for migrants in the United States and in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's see what these changes are about

We have good news about changes in immigration laws.

Thus, President Biden has said in his executive order that he is facilitating the process of applying for citizenship for those who have the right to citizenship, but were born outside the United States. Also reestablish the fee waiver, that is, have a leniency in taxes to be able to access citizenship. Public charge is another important issue: knowing whether there is a possibility of it continuing or not would be crucial.

Another important point to know within the changes in Biden's migration policy has to do with the executive order on the humanitarian migration crisis. In this way, the issue of asylum seekers is an important issue for the upcoming administration, and, above all, for migrants from Central America from countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. In any case, it has been said that the administration will study each case separately.

Biden wants to reevaluate political asylums

Many migrants who come from Central America, who are fleeing threats from gangs such as maras or extortion, ask the United States Embassy to be taken into account as political asylum seekers. During the Trump presidency, this was very complicated, since regulatory policy had been tightened to disallow them. Joe Biden will review 270 days after the order to reverse immigration policies, in order to make them more flexible and allow more and more people to make a new life in the United States. For the Biden government, the immigration issue is important, since his government wants to recognize it as a humanitarian crisis of very large proportions.

Regulation, in that sense, will be more humanitarian and less political, which was what was happening under Trump. For Biden, unlike Trump, immigrants are building the country, therefore integration into society is important.

It is important that you have suitable legal advice to be able to apply to any of the changes that the new Joe Biden government makes regarding immigration laws. In case you do not have how to do it, do not hesitate to contact us. Tovar Hastings Law is a law firm of experts in different topics, with an emphasis on immigration law, as we know the needs of the Latino community in Atlanta and the state of Georgia.