Within the Latino community in Georgia, divorce is a major issue

Let's look in depth at some legal topics on divorce questions.

There are two ways to do a divorce. By the most conciliatory way, that is, through an agreement, or through a more aggressive or litigious way, in which case, the judge will be the one who makes the decisions that the couple should make together. At the beginning of the divorce it is very complex to sit down and establish everything that has to do with this decision.

Although it is difficult for couples, given the resentment and anger, it is much better to have a negotiated divorce than one through a judge's decision. Taking into account the great psychological and emotional burden that a divorce entails, it is important that, first of all, the lawyer speaks Spanish fluently in case neither of them speaks English fluently.

What must be taken into account for a divorce?

One of the most important parts of a divorce has to do with the child support part. That is, the time and resources that each of the parties to the divorce have to assume custody of the children. This is something that is important for the decision that justice will make in the United States.

Both the custody part, the money for school, for medical, for clothing, food, entertainment, etc., have to be specified and both parties have to agree.

Money is part of the right that minors have under United States law. This is an order that requires strict compliance. This is an obligation that parents have. So, it is not something that should be taken lightly. Child support must be clear, and any evidence against this right can be used against it. It is money that parents must allocate to their children.

Everything that goes into marriage will go into divorce.

The judge will think about all the possibilities to make the division equitable. This means that both parties must have equity in the distribution of all acquired assets. In order to keep in mind how the distribution should be done, it is advisable to keep a diary of the events that happen, prior to the crisis and during, since the entire succession of events will have an influence when it comes to dividing the money between the parents. and give the amount to the children for their support, at least until they are eighteen years old.

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