One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Family right, is what can I do if the mother of my children doesn't let me see them? At the time of separation, these types of conflicts arise between couples after having lived for several years and leaving behind children together. At the time of separation or divorce, it is necessary to put in order everything related to what has to do with the child support.

The right to see one's children is something that every parent has, in theory.

However, under Georgia State law, it does not recognize a father who has not married the mother of his children. This means that when the legal procedure has not been done, according to the State of Georgia, the father of the child does not have the power to see him, but that does not take away the duties he has over his child.

This leads us to analyze the right to standing before a judge in the State of Georgia. Firstly, it is necessary, to dispel any doubt about the paternity of the child, to carry out a DNA test that will definitively provide a legal ruling in that regard, considering above all the well-being of the minor.

In general, that is, what usually happens after litigation in court, is that the father is granted the ability to see the child once a week to go to eat, take him to the movies or help him do his homework, considering himself, who will stay with the child on vacations, special days or holidays, etc., although this will depend on each specific case.

The alternation between the two parents will also be established by the judge's order.

In the same way, the places where the appointments will be established are defined, be it a neutral place or the residence of one of the two parents, when they do not get along or have had a history of previous problems and conflicts.

Another of the main fears that many immigrants have without their regularized immigration status, is that, when facing legal litigation before the court, they have some type of inconvenience or deportation. In this sense, you must be calm, because for the judge what is important is the well-being of the child and nothing else, since they are two totally different things and at that moment it is not of greater importance.

Thus, we must keep in mind that it will be the judge and his decision that will define who will be in charge of the minor, as well as at what times the father, as this is the origin of the question, will be able to see and be with his child throughout of the year. Keep in mind that as long as there is no history of abuse or neglect, there is no reason to fear waiting for the decision of the Georgia State judge.

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In this way, it will be only the judge's order that will specify everything regarding Child support.

And your decision will be exclusive to the issue of the child's well-being. For him, as a representative of the law of the State of Georgia, the good of the child will prevail. In any case, this is a delicate and unpleasant matter, especially when the relationship has ended badly.

When this is not the case, that is, when both parties can still reconcile, it is possible to establish a series of arrangements to help make the process much less traumatic, especially for the child. This will make the process more economical. Otherwise, it will be more cumbersome and difficult. There is no need to worry about the legal status, but in specific cases, such as when you are a fugitive from the system or you are under illegal or absentee status, it is much more complex and will require advice in this regard.

Negotiation is always an important point.

Court fights tend to be exhausting and exhausting, both psychologically and economically. Many times, in order to see their children, many people have to resort to much more aggressive litigation than in other circumstances. The court will always recognize the rights of the injured party and will benefit the minor in every possible way. Those who pay Child Support under a court order and do not want to comply will run the risk of being subject to arrest. Within the penal system of the State of Georgia, there may be penitentiary centers that have an immigration program, it is possible that everything will get worse.

Therefore, if possible, it is advisable to be rational and pay Child Support in any circumstance, always having the child's well-being as the main focus, before the legal dispute or resentment that may be had with the ex-partner.

Divorces in the United States are different from what we are used to in the culture of Latin American countries.

That is why it is necessary to always have things clear and not make mistakes that could aggravate the situation as immigrants within the State of Georgia. A lifetime of hard work can be ruined by not knowing how to intelligently handle Child Support litigation.

So, if you are currently facing a divorce legal dispute and have not defined who will be responsible for custody of the minor, it is advisable that right now you consult with the expert attorneys at Tovar Hastings Law in Atlanta, who will provide you with all the legal information so that you can arrange in the best way everything that a process before the judge implies, regarding Child Support.

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