The Biden administration has issued new regulations for deportation cases. Those who are in deportation proceedings, that is, people who have political asylum or are arrested without a license, and although they are fighting for their Green Card and they have life and family and work in the United States, they are now facing an imminent deportation process. The new Biden administration gave guidelines to immigration department lawyers to indicate which cases should be fought in court and which should not. There are many situations and even, for cases of future years, they are reported every day in our firm.

When Biden released the new guidance, he is giving a broad spectrum of which people can close their case regarding deportation.

The government has been clear in indicating that those who represent an imminent danger to society, such as those accused of:

  • terrorism
  • organized gangs or
  • gangs,

as well as people who entered after November 2020. In past administrations, the lawyer asked the court to suspend him indefinitely and continue renewing the work permit. During the Trump era, that was in the past. Now in the Biden era, it is intended to withdraw the charges so that the person can be completely free of them to finish a deportation process imminent.

This is what is known as Dismissal of the case.

If you have a lawyer, you should call him and ask him how you can benefit and if it is worth fighting for. But there are cases that cannot be approved. There is an annual case limit. So let's talk about the factors that the government will have to close the deportation charge. One of the most important is the history of life in the United States.

That is, those people who have been in the country for more than ten years and do not have a criminal record, also have a wife, children and parents with papers. In this case, a closure of the deportation case could be requested. Likewise, someone who has been in the military and has sacrificed time, and even been affected by reasons of their service, could benefit from this closure of the deportation case law.

There are cases in which the person is detained at the border by immigration officials with false papers

Here it is complicated, since the situation worsens the condition of the illegal migrant. In cases where it has been requested by a family member for several years, it is a mitigating circumstance. You have to look at the cases, as I said at the beginning, in order to keep in mind the specific conditions and personal history of each individual in particular.

Many people who have TPS should speak with their attorney to see the specific conditions of the case. You have to be aware. If you do not have an expert deportation lawyer, it is essential to seek advice from one. At Tovar Hastings Law we are able to provide solutions to your questions and concerns, from the human aspect of the law, always benefiting people. Many juvenile immigrants benefit in this regard, requesting closure of cases, since they are unprotected young people who arrived in helpless conditions and can manage to close the case and make a life in the United States.

Likewise, older people or people with complicated health conditions are considered differently by immigration lawyers. There are countless factors that must be considered by law. That is why specialized legal advice on immigration matters is important. Going hand in hand with both and being able to get the case closed is ideal.

However, as mentioned at the beginning, depending on the criminal record, it does not prevent you from obtaining the benefit. In the case of minor crimes, such as DUI, that is, driving under conditions of alcohol, and it is demonstrated that there is no history of alcoholism, nor is there recurrence or new violations and that the person has been rehabilitated, this is a mitigating factor for him to have right to have a space within the society of the United States.

When children who reside in the United States ask the father, they must be at least 21 years old.

This is a factor that can benefit the applicant. For those who have been punished for more than 10 years, it is quite possible that the benefit of case closure and forgiveness can be obtained. The closure of a deportation process depends on the honesty we have with the lawyer.

Your own personal situation can help the lawyer to show and present the case from a humanitarian point of view in order to be free from this painful deportation process. Honesty, and above all the trust and truthfulness with which we tell our lawyer the story of our life, will be essential for the judge to approve the closure of the deportation case.

Every case has a series of factors that make them specific

It is important to know the entire record so that you can know in detail the possibilities you have of being able to move forward and win forgiveness and closure of the deportation process. It must be kept in mind that those under 18 years of age have a much greater chance of being redeemed by the law.

The technical details of Biden's new law will become clearer over time. For those who are from countries like Nicaragua, above all they go for political asylum, as do those from Cuba, since they are being persecuted by the governments of their countries. It is necessary to have a lawyer to know the specific case. However, for both Nicaraguans and Cubans and Venezuelans, are being benefited by the United States government, as political resistance to dictatorial governments.

It is necessary to have a detailed record of the story, which demonstrates that the personal situation is serious and the persecution endangers life and that of the family. So, it is important to know the specific case.

The records of asylum cases for these countries have specific humanitarian considerations, which will depend, as has been said, on the specific case and it is not advisable to generalize or speculate in this regard. It is advisable to seek knowledge of federal immigration law from a lawyer who is an expert in the matter in these cases.

If you require advice on immigration matters, either because you are requesting political asylum or because you are undergoing a process with the state court for imminent deportation, you should hire the services of an attorney now. This will give you a much better chance of winning the trial.

Above all, for those who are facing deportation cases and do not have an attorney, it is time to seek help.

Biden's immigration policy could most benefit political asylum seekers and those being processed for deportation. Tovar Hastings Law has one of the best law firms, especially for the State of Georgia and the Atlanta area.

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