For the Hispanic community in the United States, asylum and migration are issues that are very important. In any case, these are not the only problems that the Latino immigrant community has in the country. Although the asylum law of January 11 was expected to begin to make life difficult for immigrants, a Court that immediately suspended the law that Trump left to prevent political asylums.

Under the argument that the authority of the government official appointed by the former president was not relevant. Thus, this law was dropped, which would come into effect on January 11, 2021. The majority of asylum cases, especially those affected by gangs, as is the case in Salvador or Guatemala, where people must leave the country due to threats and harassment, affect the migrant population in the United States. The new president is expected to reverse many laws to benefit the migrant and vulnerable community in the United States. The security situation in many Latin American countries causes many people to request asylum, but the arguments are not effective.

Compelling reasons to request political asylum in the United States

In general, the main factor in being able to request asylum in the United States has to do with a real threat to life or integrity. In the case in which the applicant has had a direct impact, such as injuries or physical consequences of the threat or attacks. In these cases, judges often grant asylum effectively and practically without considering other evidence, since the possibilities and evidence that the threats are potentially effective are evident.

Nationality is important, since United States judges know which groups are most affected. Gang cases fall within a specific affected group within the society of these countries. In the case of activists, who are threatened by many criminal groups in various countries, they are usually taken into special account when considering granting them political asylum in the United States. When it is the government that carries out the persecution, as happens in Cuba or Venezuela, asylum is usually granted.

In other cases, it is clear that the threats are obvious and that the complaints have not been successful. When the government is not effective in controlling these threats, as is the case with the cartels in Mexico or the Maras in El Salvador, these cases are sufficiently documented.

It is necessary to clearly document who is persecuting the person requesting asylum and that the government obviously cannot protect the citizen.

Contextualize and justify asylum in the United States

Before making the formal request for asylum, it is necessary to provide a context of the situation that the person requesting it is experiencing. Making a log or diary of what is happening, with detailed and detailed reports of the events, is very useful to be able to demonstrate the reasons why you are asking to live in the United States, since the country of birth of the applicant to receive asylum, it is not guaranteed in any way. Many times, applicants fail when requesting asylum, for this simple reason, because for the judge it must be conclusive evidence why they are requesting a new life in the United States because the one they had in their country of origin, It cannot be viable due to the circumstances. It must be remembered that applying for asylum can take several years.

In the event that a person has been threatened, and is relocated, one must be able to represent the threat that exists and the impossibility of staying safe and being able to lead a normal life. If a person has applied for asylum in other countries, this may also be a case that the judge will take into account. The life story of each person is something that has great weight in making the decision to grant asylum or not. Likewise, inconsistencies in the story of the facts, that is, the life story that led to requesting asylum, have a bearing on whether the asylum request is effective or not.

What should I do to start applying for asylum in the United States?

It is necessary to be able to talk with a immigration lawyer in Atlanta for the testimony to be effective. It must be taken into account that there are states that are more complicated than others to obtain political asylum. The fact that political asylum goes along with the Green Card makes it a passport to life in the United States very attractive to many people. For this reason, the judges have a very specific and high standard, so that asylum is effectively granted, showing that life is in real danger and it is not a simple strategy to manage to live in the country without major efforts and telling a fantasy story.

In any case, it is advisable to have an in-depth interview with your lawyer to be sufficiently prepared when appearing before the judge and requesting asylum. If you need advice to request political asylum, do not hesitate to contact the Latina lawyer experts in immigration law and political asylum.