There is good news for the entire immigrant community in Georgia

Those who are in the process of political asylum, you will see a series of general effects. The most serious part has to do with those who request political asylum, due to political, religious, race or nationality persecution; You can also request asylum when you belong to a group or community that is being harassed. This is the case of immigrants who come from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Sometimes these illegal groups are trying to bribe, recruit or threaten the lives and integrity of citizens. In these countries it is very difficult to live in peace when they are harassed by these gangs or groups, which is why they are forced to migrate, especially to the United States or Mexico. So these types of migrants need special help.

The regulation that would come into force on January 11 prevents those who request political asylum from requesting it.

The new president is expected to reverse course so that migrants who really need to live in the United States will not be able to do so. Throughout the Trump administration, the immigration crisis has affected thousands of people in the United States. In any case, it is necessary to have advice from your trusted lawyer, so that you are clear about what you can do and what you can expect from this new law.

Changes to the asylum law

Changes to the asylum law

It is necessary to be clear about this

For this reason, immigrants are asked to discuss this new news with their lawyer, which is a stone in the side for the community that is fighting for political asylum. It is necessary to rethink the legal strategy to be able to face the judge and achieve a victory despite the legal obstacles that are put in place so that people can obtain the benefit of asylum in the United States.

The arguments to be able to fight for asylum

It is necessary to put on the table, with the changes to the asylum policy, all the arguments to be able to fight for asylum, if you have been able to live in the United States for some years. In any case, the asylum system left by the Trump government is inhumane for people who want to rebuild their lives in the United States.

Think about a plan B with your lawyer and in any case, do not abandon the process you have until now, since this would put you in a position of fugitive from justice, since you would be ignoring the law of the United States. It is necessary to seek advice from a lawyer specialized in asylum law and immigration law. Although changes to asylum law are seen coming, new President Joe Biden is expected to reverse some of the toughest laws for immigrants across the country.

As final recommendations, you should avoid getting in trouble, driving without a license, avoiding demonstrations or having any type of trouble with the law in the United States, as long as the law can be reversed.