There are different cases that the immigrant community lives in Atlanta

Today we will talk about bail with immigration. For many families, having a family member detained is something painful and complex. In most cases, the detainee is the one in charge of bringing money and supporting expenses. For bail cases, the judge will evaluate the case and decide whether to release you or not. It is necessary to clarify what the person who is detained is applying for: be it political asylum, regularization or any other topic. This is important when appealing in court. The judge will ask for the application and immigration status to be able to evaluate freedom. The situation after an arrest is desperate for many people. If he has been detained, it is necessary to take into account factors such as the length of residence in the United States, the family that lives with him and the place of residence, as well as his criminal record, if he has one. If not, this may be a mitigating factor.

The first thing the judge will consider is that that person will not escape

If you have obligations and have proven to be someone trustworthy, this can help. In the event that they are fraudulent documents or that you have lied to obtain freedom, this could aggravate the situation. If there is good moral character, such as volunteering, belonging to a church or any other type of social work to show the judge that we are dedicated to doing something productive for society. This is very important. Letters of recommendation are usually important to demonstrate this moral integrity and thus ensure that the bond is given.

Order and discipline, such as keeping taxes up to date, is of great importance

To avoid suspicions of escape, having a life story in which it is important that the detainee is free and his relationship with the United States is another factor that has weight. If someone has been living in the country for several years, I support a family, I have children and I am someone who does not have any type of criminal record, this will possibly have a positive effect before the judge. Otherwise, that is, if we do not have a stable job, we do not live with relatives and we do not have any type of ties with the United States, it will be a major factor in not giving him freedom.

Bail is discretionary

This means that paying bail does not oblige the judge to release me. If he considers that the detainee is a dangerous person or has unreliable social behavior, that is, he uses drugs, has a criminal record of theft, alcoholism, etc., this will be something that the justice system will take into account to avoid giving up and continuing with life in the best way.

It is necessary to be totally honest about our possibilities of being able to get ahead after being detained in the United States. In the same way, you must be certain that bail can lead to the real possibility of the detainee being released from jail. That is, there is no need to rush ahead to get bail, without the certainty that the judge can release it.

Sometimes the person in charge of hiring the lawyer is a family member.

This is not entirely convenient, since the immigration lawyer You must fully know the actions and activities and background that the detainee has before the United States immigration authorities. Any factor can be counterproductive to being able to obtain bail and the desired freedom. There is no need to hide any type of information, even if it is negative behavior, when having the interview with the lawyer, so that in this way, the bail can be affirmative for the judge.

DUIs are important to the judge, in case they accumulate, as well as having been deported prior to capture.

In this case the judge will not give more bail. If someone was deported and did not leave the country, it is practically impossible for the judge to grant them freedom within the United States. The first time being captured by immigration is essential to establish our immigration status.

It is necessary to see each case and be able to establish what can be done specifically

During the Coronavirus crisis, many judges choose not to overwhelm the prison system, which is why bail is often granted. In any case, whether our life story in the United States is that of someone who has come to work and help the country and its economy and society grow, it is likely that there will be a positive outcome for our case.

It is necessary to always have on our side, if our immigration situation is irregular, a lawyer who is an expert in a variety of issues, not only immigration, but also other types of issues. Aspects derived from life in the United States, such as traffic accidents, immigration and other cases such as divorces, are the most common. It is necessary to keep in mind that any level of alcohol in the blood results in an aggravating circumstance when being detained by a police officer, so it is recommended, if you do not have your immigration status defined, to avoid doing so to avoid worsen your stay in the United States.