Divorce in Georgia

Divorce in Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Atlanta and Their Answers

First of all, your lawyer must be informed of this situation so that the court can proceed to make an order that prevents the abuser from approaching the victim of these abuses. Special provisions may be made by the court for the safety of the affected spouse and affected minors when deciding custody and visitation.

The court will look at the following aspects when dividing assets:

  1. To what extent each spouse contributed to the marital assets.
  2. The state of need of each of the spouses.
  3. When they are donations and inheritances, these remain the property of each of the spouses.  

The court may be asked to have your spouse continue making premium payments, so you should alert your attorney if you still need coverage from your spouse's health insurance.

If your spouse has the right to receive any economic benefit such as a pension or financial compensation for having been in the military, it is necessary that you communicate this situation to your trusted lawyer before filing for divorce, since after the court decides on the divorce it will not It will be possible for you to request part of these benefits.

Defined as the money that one spouse pays to another for support, over a short or long period of time, depending on what the court decides. It is generally authorized by the court when the marriage has been long and once the economic capacity of the party from whom this maintenance is requested is proven.

  1. Visitation, custody and support for children.
  2. Alimony for the spouse.
  3. Separation of Property.
  4. Change of last name from married to single.
  5. Restraining order in cases of abusive spouse.

It depends on each divorce request, which is why the court can process it from 31 days after the request (This is when an agreement signed by the spouses has been made on all the issues that will arise from the divorce) until several months after the divorce. divorce application.

Yes, otherwise the new marriage you contract will have no legal effects.

It only recognizes it for unions prior to January 1, 1997. After this date, Georgia no longer recognizes marriage by common law (that is, by cohabitation).

No, since legal separation can be processed without the need for a divorce. This consists of an agreement regarding support, child custody and alimony, and property acquired during the marriage. Legal separation is not an essential requirement for divorce.

This means that neither spouse generated a situation with their behavior that would cause divorce; rather, it was an external situation that caused an irreparable break in the marital union without any possibility of reconciliation.

There are two cases:

  1. Six (6) months.
  2. One (1) year, if you have remained on a military base.

Yes, and it is recommended that if this is your case you bring all the documentation that contains evidence and prepared witnesses; However, it will always be advisable to have the assistance of a lawyer due to the issues discussed in said process, such as the ownership of assets that were acquired in the marriage union and the custody and support of children.

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