As you have already seen in the news, the government has announced that TPS will be ended and recently for people of Salvadoran origin, this benefit will not be extended after the second half of 2019.

What can these people who have TPS do?

Many people during the time they have had TPS have managed to obtain a travel permit called “Advance Parole.” Having used this permit to leave and enter the country gives them a great benefit if they have an immediate family member who can ask them. If you have TPS and have the last legal entry thanks to that travel permit and you have children born in the United States or a citizen husband, you can request your Green Card without having to leave the country since you were legally admitted the last time you entered.

What happens if the person has TPS but never requested a travel permit?

If you have a family member who can request it, that person has options. However, if the person has a family member who can request it and does not have the last legal entry, that person will have to ask for a pardon within their case when a family member requests it.

Atlanta TPS Lawyer

Many immigration cases have a solution but many times the person does nothing because they are not well informed. If you have TPS, do not stay illegally, learn about your options and start your process with a TPS attorney in Atlanta already! If you would like more information about your case, call attorney Angélica Tovar today at 470.207.5333.