We are going to analyze the Future and changes in the TPS.

One of the most important updates has to do with the Ninth Circuit of the State of California. This State is one of the most favorable towards immigrants. Although the Trump administration opposes the TPS program, on September 14 the California State Court warned the president that he could not restrict the TPS of

  • The Savior
  • Nicaragua
  • Haiti and
  • Sudan.

In any case, President Trump's administration stood by its decision to eliminate TPS. This is a legal battle that is just beginning and we must wait for appeals and more fights regarding immigration laws to vindicate the Hispanic community in the United States. The USCIS says on its page that the maximum date for TPS coverage is January 4, 2021.

This case could reach the Supreme Court of the United States, so that this legal battle can be definitively resolved.

The immigration policy of the current government or the one that comes after the November 2020 elections will be crucial to improving the living conditions of Hispanic citizens in the United States. The August 20, 2020 update regarding the TSP is a memorandum with new policies for people who have TPS who have left with their travel permit. Until that moment, the last legal entry was valid to be able to ask for a pardon without having to leave for ten years.

This is a long and exhausting process, since having to leave the United States without guarantees of return is not very hopeful. According to immigration, all applications after August 20, 2020, the benefits they had have already ended. The person enters illegally without being able to change their immigration status much. In any case, if you need advice, contact us and speak with our immigration attorneys in Atlanta.

It is important not to do this TPS procedure with a processor but with a notary

It is necessary to know if it is possible to be protected against potential deportation. If someone who has TPS and applies to apply for a Green Card, they may have problems and end up being deported. For this reason, it is necessary to consult all legal possibilities to continue residing in the United States. The current situation is quite complicated for the Hispanic migrant community in the United States. Each case is totally different from the other. So, if an alternative has worked in a case or for a person, that does not mean that it will always be that way.

President Trump's administration is regularly changing laws to hinder Hispanic migration to the United States

For this reason, you must be protected with the advice of a immigration attorney in Atlanta. The TPS and the decision made by the Supreme Court of Justice is crucial to be able to process the Green Card. If this process was done before August 20, 2020, there is a high probability that the case will have gone in your favor.

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