car accidents They are very common and therefore, it is necessary to clarify some cases that have reached our office. When having a car accident, it is important to keep in mind that, even if someone is undocumented and has suffered a car accident, we must not stop taking care of their health, above and beyond their immigration status. Some people do not want to call the police for this reason and let time pass after the accident. Adrenaline can anesthetize the body after the accident, so it is essential to call emergencies so that a medical team can arrive at the scene of the accident. It is necessary to put health above all else.

  1. Always Call 911:

    • The first thing to do after a car accident. Every accident involves trauma, which may or may not be visible or evident at that moment. The cost of the ambulance is included in the car insurance of the person who caused the accident. It is necessary to report the accident so that the insurance covers all the expenses derived from the car accident so that the insurance covers everything. It is obvious that the officer will prioritize your health over thinking that you are an illegal immigrant. So they can't deport him that way.
  2. Not accepting or admitting guilt:

    • Another mistake that many people make at the time of a car accident is accepting blame. We must keep in mind that nowadays almost everything can be documented with a cell phone, so we should not justify it, since it is necessary to be clear about who produced it. The insurance will do the investigation to determine who was at fault. It is advisable to document the accident to be able to provide evidence. Taking photos and videos of the cars, witnesses, and the scene before the police arrive can be very useful. The experts will then be able to verify what happened and reimburse the victim. It is common in Latin American countries to excuse yourself after an accident. I repeat: one should not apologize at the time of the accident, since guilt is admitted.
  3. Not giving statements:

    • Many times after the accident, the insurance calls the person involved to request a statement. This should not be done. Since all this can be used against you, since they will deny you compensation. When you receive this call, you should say, even if you don't have it at that moment, that it will be your lawyer who will be in charge of contacting the insurance company. The accident insurance system in the United States does not work according to the logic of Latin American countries. We have to be careful and not believe that they want to help us, quite the opposite. It is therefore necessary to keep this in mind after a car accident. So there is no need to speak or give statements to the counterparty's insurer.
  4. Do not accept partial offers:

    • Another case that can happen is that the insurer can tell you that it pays all the expenses so far and a sum of money to avoid paying the debt in full. All damages resulting from the car accident must be paid by the insurance. After a car accident, many expenses can arise over months or even years. That is why partial treatment or compensation from the insurance company should not be accepted without the intervention of the lawyer. It is therefore necessary to have an expert in car accidents to be able to have a global vision and be able to collect what is fair for our accident. Most Hispanics make mistakes due to their naivety or ignorance regarding the law.
  5. State judges are in a position to give a ruling regarding the responsibilities derived from the car accident.

    • There is no need to be afraid to report; health is at stake. It is essential to request an ambulance. Many times there are headaches, neck pains, or body aches that can be a sign of much greater damage from the car accident. So this should not be taken lightly. Insurance must always cover all expenses. It is important to always seek deserved compensation, as well as ideal medical care from a professional. Health is something that has no value and, therefore, cannot be negotiated under any circumstances. This is why it is always necessary to have the legal advice of an expert attorney in Atlanta for car accidents.
  6. Fair compensation, according to the damages, medical expenses, recovery, disabilities, as well as the moral damage caused by the cause of a car accident, cannot be negotiated that simply.
    • This is why it is of utmost importance for the Hispanic community residing in Atlanta, who, even if they do not have legal status, must seek fair compensation if they have been the victim of a car accident.
  7. We are available to serve the entire Hispanic community residing in Atlanta, Georgia and who have questions about car accidents.