If you are undocumented in the United States do not appear without an attorney for any court case. Be well informed! Lawyer Angelica explains why in this video.

Hello, this is Attorney Angelica Tovar and today I want us to talk about a situation that generates a lot of stress and a lot of fear in the Hispanic community, especially here in Georgia and it is the issue of tickets for no license and to appear in court for a non-license ticket. The question that comes to the office very frequently is:

Lawyer, I have a ticket for not having a license. Do I have to bring a lawyer?

The answer in 99.9% of the cases is YES, it is better that you be represented not only for the non-license ticket, but for any matter that you have to resolve in court, the legal system of the United States is not easy and it is important that you go well supported and with someone who knows so that you do not make the wrong decision when you are in court. Now, why in particular with a no license ticket it is important to have an attorney, because under Georgia law a no license ticket is a misdemeanor.

What does a misdemeanor mean?  

It means a ticket that has 0 to 12 months in jail, normally when it is the first ticket for no license, you are looking at approximately 2 days of jail as a sentence, if it is the second ticket you are looking at 10 days and if there are more tickets you are seeing more days in jail and keep in mind that if it is the fourth ticket you have the possibility that the Prosecutor's Office will change the charge to a felony and this is very serious, why? What differentiates a felony from a misdemeanor?

The jail time, a felony has more than 1 year of minimum jail time, that is the biggest difference, so you should know what rights you have, if you have a ticket for no license, you have to go to court, remember that if you go Only everything you say is going to be used against you, everything you talk to the prosecutor or the judge is going to be used against you, so you have to be very clear about what your rights are.

Now there are ways to get rid of those days in jail, depending on the county, depending on the judge, depending on the prosecutor's office, there are many factors, also the driving record you have, there are factors that can affect whether your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor's office. so that you do not have to do days in jail, there are many options that you may not know about because you do not have consulted with a lawyer.

Hispanic Lawyers in Atlanta

In these times of immigration insecurity, it is important that you avoid going to jail at all costs, especially in a jail in a county that has an ICE hold check, so it is very important that you get very good advice and if you can, show up with a lawyer who will help you. Inform very well the immigration consequences in your particular case. If you want a consultation directly with us and if you want to tell us about your case, call us at 470-207-5333.