Can I get out on bail if an immigration judge has already given me a deportation order?

Having a person detained with ICE and in the process of being deported is a cause of great concern for any family that finds itself in this situation, however it must be kept in mind that not every time a person is detained with immigration a bond can be processed. .

Immigration bail can be requested when the person is facing deportation proceedings for the first time; That is, the first time you have the option to fight deportation in front of a judge.

If your loved one has already received a deportation order from an immigration judge, bail will no longer be available as the immigration judge will no longer have jurisdiction over the case. However, you should speak with an immigration attorney as soon as possible as there may be other options to stop your loved one's deportation, such as requesting a stay of deportation or attempting to reopen the previous deportation case.

Remember that each immigration case is unique and depends on each person's life history

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