Did you know that if you entered illegally and a family member asks for it, you will have to present a waiver so you can apply for your green card?

Unfortunately, many people, even though a family member may request them, cannot receive their green card so easily because they must present a waiver. But why do we have to present this forgiveness?

Immigration law establishes that a person who is physically in the United States for more than 1 year illegally has a punishment that forces him to remain abroad for 10 years.

Your green card depends on this waiver being approved. If you hire a lawyer, or worse yet, a notary who does not have the experience necessary to present the correct arguments and adequate evidence in a pardon, you may lose your case. The person who is denied forgiveness will then have to stay outside the country for 10 years.

Forgivenesses are complex and difficult to obtain. If you have to file a waiver in your case or if you have already been denied a waiver, attorney Angelica Tovar can help you. Call now (470) 207-5333.

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