Did you know?

Could a minor who is living illegally without his parents in the USA qualify for an immigration benefit?

Special Category for Minors

Immigration law contains a special category for minors who for some reason have been abused or abandoned by their parents and who now live without them in the United States. It is the category of Special Immigrant Juvenile that begins with a process in juvenile court where the minor is declared dependent of the state.

How does it work

The judge assigns a legal guardian who in many cases is the family member with whom he or she lives, and most importantly, the court determines that it is in the best interest of the minor not to deport him or her to the country where he or she was abused or abandoned by his or her family.

Remember that abuse or neglect can occur in many ways so it is very important to do a correct legal evaluation to establish if the child really qualifies for this benefit.

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