Concern about the changes that President Trump has promised, which include greater rigor in immigration policies, has led hundreds of religious organizations, civil rights activists and immigrant organizations to raise their voices in protest against the new government.

After five years of creation, the DACA law (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which granted protection until the age of sixteen to the children of immigrants who arrived in the United States, is in suspense due to its possible annulment by the Republican president.

Is it possible that Trump will repeal the DACA law?

Among the organizations that ask President Trump to maintain the DACA law is the Chicago Immigrant Justice Center (NICJ). Their main argument is that, in addition to the breakup of families made up of immigrants, the decision would seriously affect the nation's economy, since the workforce that constitutes the immigrants protected by this law could be lost if the status is annulled by presidential order. .

However, NICJ members and immigrants hope that the rejection of both parties in Congress will save them from losing the benefits granted by the DACA law enacted by former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Senators Send Message to Dreamers: Don't Fear Being Deported

Although Trump has announced that he will tighten immigration laws to increasingly prevent the entry of foreigners into the United States, senators from both parties have told the so-called “dreamers” not to fear mass deportation. This, despite the fact that Congress rejected Obama's Dream Act, which in some way protected DACA.

During his campaign, Trump showed some benevolence towards the DACA program, saying that he had feelings of solidarity with young immigrants, who are the main beneficiaries of this law; In any case, he said that as soon as he assumed the presidency, he would annul it, given that it is an amnesty that advocates illegality. One possibility is that Trump orders not to accept new applications for this law, allowing the status of those who hold it to expire.

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