Trump's Immigration Policies Could Seriously Affect the Economy

One of the first measures taken by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been to fulfill his promise to restrict the entry into the country of citizens of Muslim countries. The visa for citizens from seven countries:

  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria and
  • Yemen

has been suspended for the next 90 days, while a review of immigration regulations regarding background matters is carried out.

Although this measure could apparently serve to strengthen the interests of the United States, many experts have said that it could have the opposite effect, especially as it relates to the economy.

Limit Immigrant Labor: Trump

In that order of ideas, Trump intends to reactivate employment for American citizens first, instead of skilled immigrant labor. Although Trump's immigration policies aim to do everything possible to give priority to American workers, experts think that the amount of immigration flow will not considerably affect the internal labor market.

Given the uncertainty that the economic and business sectors of the United States have due to the measures of the Republican president, this can create an atmosphere of financial insecurity since large investors always want to have a solid framework in which to base their projections. These long-term, sustained policies could affect the US economy during Trump's term.

Migration and Skilled Employment

For the United States labor market, it is important to have a qualified workforce. The H-1B program allows companies to bring qualified nonimmigrant workers to work in a specific area in the United States. Particularly, this program energizes the country's industry, because it allows the entry of expert workers in an area for which natives are not suitable.

A sector, mainly Democrats, support it because they maintain that it allows the economy to be more versatile by allowing qualified labor to do the work for which American citizens are not trained; Detractors, mainly Republicans, say that this measure directly affects jobs for American citizens, since it takes away their job opportunities and gives way to foreign workers. As it is, Trump's policies could lead to a further slowdown in the US labor industry.


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