Trump does not give up in his battle against Latino immigrants

Republican President Donald Trump, who assumed power in January 2017, after eight years of Democratic hegemony in the White House, has not given up his battle against immigration, mainly of Latinos of Mexican origin.

One of the most recent episodes of this battle against immigrants by the current president occurs in the state of California, where arrests of immigrants by the state court continue to occur. But an ally emerged to support immigrants in the state of California.

Tani Cantil-Sakauye, judge of the California Supreme Court, asked the state government to stop arrests against immigrants. However, Secretaries Jeff Sessions (Justice) and John Kelly (Homeland Security) supported the Republican immigration policy.

How the Situation Changes for Immigrants during the Trump Administration

It is no secret that President Trump's immigration policy is not the most convenient to make the idea of the American dream a reality. Although the Trump administration is still taking off, it is expected to tighten immigration laws, even deport, but not in as dramatic a way as he had announced in his election campaign.

The state of California is one of the states that has the greatest conflict regarding immigration policies, given that the majority of immigrants there are mainly of Mexican origin. Despite the objections of the Supreme Court judge, both the Secretary of Justice and the Secretary of Homeland Security affirm that immigration detentions will invariably continue.

Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policy Aims to Make a Country Safer

For the Secretaries of Justice and Homeland Security, preventing the arrival of illegal immigrants will give security to the citizens of the United States, this in accordance with the president's statement during his campaign, which stated that Mexicans brought crime to their country: "When Mexico sends us people, they don't send us the best: they send us people with a lot of problems, who bring us drugs, who bring us crime, who are rapists...", he stated during his campaign for the Republican primary elections.

According to Tani Cantil-Sakauye, judge of the Supreme Court of California, the practice of the State of California of persecuting immigrants would hinder the administration of justice, an argument that is flatly rejected by the secretaries who champion this policy: Sessions and Kelly. Cantil-Sakauye's main objection is that many witnesses with problems with immigration authorities would refrain from testifying to avoid imminent deportation by the state of California.

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