The application of immigration fees has increased during this government.

A change is coming starting in October, so it is advisable to talk to your primary lawyer. October 2 is the deadline to put together the immigration package; If the office receives it before that date, the changes in the fee rates will not be applied. For more information or if you have questions, call immigration lawyer in Atlanta, Angelica Tovar-Hastings at (470) 207-5333.


Among the most common requests is the I-130. From parents to children, children to husbands, between brothers, etc. The form for all these cases is the I-130. This is essential for immigration when determining kinship or relationship. This request has had an increase from 535 to 560 dollars. That is, 25 dollars. The largest increase has to do with the citizenship fee. On average, it is paid now, in August 2020, $640; but starting in October it will be at $1,170. There is a 530 dollar increase. This is the final step to obtain the long-awaited American citizenship. It is also the most expensive of all the steps.

Green Card

If you have a clean record, it is advisable to speak with your lawyer now to avoid the increase being greater in October, and you having to pay more. Those who are requesting their Green Card, that is, residence, or I-485 that goes next to I-130, have had a discount of 10 dollars: from 1,140 to 1,130 dollars.
Remove residence condition

Those who have married American citizens need to remove the residency condition, up to the first two years. This is the I-751, and it serves to prove to the authorities that the request is being made conditional to permanent, and that, generally, it is derived from the marriage mentioned previously, it has had an increase from 595 to 760 dollars.

Work permit

The work permit has had an increase from 410 to 550 dollars. DACA work permits have not changed until now. However, this is still uncertain, due to the known reasons of litigation between the president and the Court.

Immigration fees

Immigration fees

Renew citizenship

If someone is a resident and wants to renew citizenship, it has a value of 415, taking into account that it was 445, there is a reduction of 30 dollars.

Sorry for trespassing

Requests to enter the country illegally require a pardon, which is 601, and if you are outside the country, it is 601A. During the Trump administration there has been an increase, which 2 years ago was at 930, is now at 1000 dollars. This case is much more expensive, almost the same value as citizenship. If the pardon is requested within the United States, and is done before October 2, it is worth 630; after this date it is 960 dollars. So there is a big difference for the family budget, so it is advisable to do it before the cut-off date of the new rates.

Asylum requests

Likewise, there is a change in the asylum requests. These are free, of course, given the situation in which a person who wants to come to the United States comes. However, they will have to pay from October 2, it will be $50. Although it may not seem like it is a lot of money, we must keep in mind that the condition in which this person arrives is critical and should not be charged, but of course, this administration wants to close many doors, even to political asylum seekers.


Likewise, traces without exception. Let us remember that in all cases it is necessary to take fingerprints, as part of the legal process. This procedure had a cost of $85 and now costs $30, with the exception of DACA cases, which will not be affected. If there is a case, for example, of a family petition, it will be necessary to enter the records at the same time, so costs increase. It is recommended that the procedures be done before the increase cut-off date, which is starting October 2.