Hello everyone. In the next article we will see what is currently happening with DACA. Currently, Donald Trump's government, contradicting the Supreme Court itself, has said that it will suspend the program. This is announced on the USCIS website (www.uscis.gov).

DACA Updates

DACA Updates

What does this mean and what impact does it have?

The applications of people who have DACA can only be renewed for one year and will no longer be for two years. Travel permits will not be granted either, not even for people who had DACA. These travel permits were of great importance, due to the legal impact from the last legal entry into the country as an important point to ask for forgiveness in the future. This has now been completely annulled, to the great detriment of immigrants who wish to apply for travel permission to the United States.

Although the government has said this is a temporary measure, the Supreme Court has not denied the president his authority over this law.

The official body, that is, the USCIS has said that this decision is temporary. However, it is clear that the government wants to end this program. Congress is pushing to pass the bill to benefit immigrants who aspire to live in the United States.

The best advice for those interested in the development of the DACA law,

It's keeping up with your Trusted Atlanta Immigration Attorney, to evaluate your process deportation. New lawsuits are expected to revoke this measure taken by Donald Trump's government, in view of a new election that is looming soon. Although a federal judge told the president that he must comply with the DACA law, he has not come out in favor of the ruling.

We have to wait for the final sentence

This has been taken as a pressure tool on Congress to process the bills. So you have to stay standing and firm. Keep your criminal record clean and within the law to avoid any problems. Officially, USCIS will not approve new applications.

So here we will keep you up to date with any news regarding this issue that worries the Hispanic community so much about migration to the United States.