Lawyers in the United States Ask Immigrants to Legalize to Avoid Deportations

The imminent arrival of magnate Donald Trump to the White House will toughen immigration policies during the Republican president's administration. Lawyers and immigrant rights activists in the United States warn that in the face of deportations, the best thing those who have their legal situation in the country in doubt can do is try to legalize themselves to avoid being deported.

Given the surprise victory of the Republican candidate, whom few were betting could win the presidency, the only possible legal tool to avoid the wave of deportations that Trump promised during his campaign is to try to legalize the situation.

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One in Seventeen United States Citizens is Latino

Given the growing number of Latinos who manage to reach the United States, the problem of legalization takes center stage. This situation is one of the permanent dramas of this community in the United States. Many families disintegrate due to deportation. For this reason, it is important to know what legal mechanisms exist to regularize the situation of non-legal immigrants before the law. One of the most common routes is naturalization.

After a period of several years residing in the United States, it is possible to request a change in permanent residence status. Likewise, there is the possibility of demonstrating that the immigrant is in a vulnerable state, being able to apply for a visa if he or she is a political refugee, for example.

Legal Citizenship Must Be Seek

The last presidential elections demonstrated that it is increasingly important to acquire the rights that come with being a citizen. The role of the vote is decisive when it comes to legitimizing these rights, including, of course, the democratic exercise.

“The result of the last elections will motivate many people to seek citizenship,” says immigration lawyer Claudia Arévalo, in an interview with the EFE agency. “The best thing that can be done is to regularize the immigration situation to avoid deportations,” the lawyer emphasized.


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