Mayors of major cities in the United States have warned the president-elect about the economic risks of withdrawing the program that allows young illegal immigrants to remain within the territory of the United States. This warning from American mayors indicates that, if the president-elect withdraws his protection against the deportation of young illegal immigrants, about 9.9 billion dollars would be lost in tax revenue during the next four years; Likewise, about $433 billion in gross domestic product would be lost over the next decade, severely affecting the United States economy.

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What does the DACA youth protection law consist of?

The 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Consideration, or DACA, consists of granting young people under the age of sixteen brought to the United States the opportunity to remain, being able during that period to study and provide the military service. However, this law is subject to renewal every two years. The mayor of Chicago, Democrat Rahm Emanuel, has written a letter endorsed by the other mayors of the main cities, addressed to President-elect Donald Trump, in which he emphasizes the benefits of said program: “We are clear, as mayors, that these "Young people are looking for the American dream, and we must embrace them instead of taking the piss." Likewise, he pointed out that said program: “helps promote economic growth and improves public safety and national security.”

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Trump's immigration policy

Although President-elect Donald Trump promised during his campaign to deport nearly 11 million illegal immigrants, as well as build a gigantic wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico, the mayors of major cities have stated that, although Trump has said that will cut the budgets of the so-called “sanctuary states”, they will not be pressured to report them to the immigration authorities.

Some towns are in a situation like Santa Ana, California. This city of 325,000 people, mostly born outside the United States and with the 80% of Hispanic descent, has been voted by its inhabitants as a “sanctuary city”, one of the main problems for immigration authorities, since the police there refuses to report the cases of young immigrants. The DACA program has helped nearly 742,000 young immigrants.

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